As a fire emblem fan, which fire emblem character do you resonate with the most?

If some of you read my posts before, you would know that I don’t give a crap about stats and bases and focuses more on the overall character of my army. So I ask to the wide community of FE, which fire emblem character do you like the most as a character. For me, well, I only played two fire emblem games, that being Three Houses and Sacred Stones (haven’t finished them either). For all I can say, I’ll delve deeper into Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ characters but as of now, my favourite character has always been Amelia.

Why this character specifically? To be honest, I didn’t know myself when I first encountered her in Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. What they introduced in that game was ‘trainee’ units, units below the normal classes and are needed to be level 10 to promote into one. I always found this to be a good touch in Sacred Stones because I would delve into their character and make them strong. One of these units was Amelia, who is regarded to be one of the worst units in the game (I didn’t even use tower of Valni and she was still good). When I first encountered her on Ephraim’s route, I didn’t know how to recruit her. I looked at the support menu to see who she has a support with and I tried Neimi since they were both clumsy. That didn’t work so I tried Natasha without thinking, that didn’t work either. Evantually I looked up how to recruit her and found out that could use Ephraim or Franz. I sent out Franz to talk to her and… I honestly enjoyed the conversation. It was then I saw my OTP of the game. While progressing through the game, I grew fond of the younger cast of the game, especially Amelia. Just seeing them grow into warriors was satisfactory for me. Then, I decided to dive deeper into Amelia’s character. I went onto the fandom website read her background information and BOY did I spoil myself. Seeing that she’s fighting so she can protect those she loves was inspiring and the fact that she knew that fighting against the army of Renais was wrong and chose their side showed her caring heart and good will. She’s the reason why I don’t give a crap about stats and more on character. I’ve taken a liking to her and wish to do most I can with my units if it means developing their characters.



Lord Izuka. Because if i don’t mention him here, he is going to punish me again.

Ok this was a joke. It is Pelleas from RD. I would write a lot why i think he resonates with me the most, but i don’t want to write to much right now. Wait for his analysis.

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Oh who would it be?

To be brief, part of why I’m a fan of Eliwood is because how I relate to him.
He’s above all else a person who’s optimistic in a very grounded way. Being optimistic isn’t all that special, but Eliwood never loses sight of reality and knows he has to face bad stuff. Stuff that affects him very much. But he keeps going.

He’s also not the biggest hero in Fire Emblem. Eliwood isn’t a powerhouse or a genius tactitian. He knows this, and doesn’t mind too much. He simply does whatever he can instead of moaning about what he can’t.

And whenever bad stuff happends, Eliwood can’t help it but be emotionally affected by it. He’s not the most secure person, but Eli won’t let it all stop him from doing what he needs to do and being there for those who need him. Due to his diligence, kindness, stability, calm additude and sincerity Eliwood compensates for not being a very talented individual by easily gaining true loyalty from his friends and allies.


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Male Maribelle Forrest for me :hridexcited:


For me that would be Hector or Arvis (Surprising isn’t it?)

Hector because outside of his rough exterior, he is actually caring a lot about his friends and got a golden heart.
He is here when you need him, and will take action and responsibility if it’s necessary, he won’t beat around the bush.
He is always calm and would often prioritizes others/greater picture than himself. Like when he knew his brother was dead but didn’t talk about it for not worrying his allies, and the fact he know he’ll die a painfull death if he take armads, but HELL he still take it for saving the world!
He don’t want responsability because he want to enjoy life, but if he must he won’t run away from it.

He is also one who value each peoples equally, and leads by exemple.

Another one would be Arvis, because he wanted to make the perfect world, was ready to make the sacrifices necessary and be the “bad guy” in hope peoples will lives in happiness when he’ll gone.
He have the kind of selfless I can’t help but admire, he is ready to sacrifice himself if it’s for bringing happiness to the world.
Even when he realised he have been traped and his beloved son possessed. He didn’t shrink back and tried to heal him, and protect peoples the best he could. When he everything he tried was unsuccessfull, he did the “ultimate” sacrifice for a father : Helping others bringing down his son and him in the same times, achieving his dream at the same time : bringing peace to the world regardless if he lived or not.
For me Arvis is one of the winner of GotHW too (and one of the deepest vilain we got atm).


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This may seem weird but I find Marianne from Three Houses to be the FE character who I can relate with the most.

(Could be) 3H spoilers

Marianne bears the Crest of Maurice which is also known as the Crest of the Beast. It is considered to be a cursed crest and Marianne believes that she will curse others who interacted with her. This causes her to be aloof so that she can avoid cursing others with her crest. From how I see it, she is afraid that she would affect them with her curse and she apologizes a lot.

I have a fear of interaction with others because of a similar reason: I am afraid that I will only bother or be a nuisance to them. Not just in real-life, but when communicating online as well. Because of this, I don’t hang out with friends very often and prefer to be alone. But, if it’s work-related stuff, I can interact with them just fine but I’m usually still the most quiet of the bunch.

I could be wrong about this, but still… I feel this way.

If you chose to skip the spoilers, it’s basically I have a similar fear to Marianne.


I relate to a few characters in different ways. Though if I had to narrow it down, I would probably say the character I relate to most is Alm.

Alm is a humble and passionate lord who just wants to help others whenever he can, putting his own well-being aside to keep others safe and happy. But despite the lengths he goes to help others, he never loses his humility and even meets compliments of his leadership with a response of how much further he still has to go. I relate to this in a lot of ways and even once hated Alm for it because a lot of things he says and does are things I would do irl.


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Guess I relate to Inigo as well :eyes:


Well we all know that


There’s a reason I picked Sylvia for the canceled FE4 Mafia :ylgrwink:


This girl right here, now some people will say that’s rather cliche and they are right, Socially akward when I was younger, to the point that I was bullied for it making it even worse, but now I am more openminded(For a lack of a better term) but still have those shy moments, especially when meeting new people but atleast I now have the courage to talk to them unlike when I was younger I would completely avoid talking to new people.


Honestly, for me it’s Lyon.

For all his life he was hailed as a genius, and someone who was talented and capable of leading in his father’s footsteps. He was beloved by his friends and they really appreciate who he is, however, he doesn’t feel the same way about himself.

He feels like he isn’t worthy, he isn’t all that people make him out to be. I personally really resonate with this, and with his inferiority complex as well, and the fact that he envies the people close to him for having things that he feels he does not possess.

Lyon is just a mood for me. We’re both seen as wonderful people, but we ourselves don’t feel it, and that leads to a terrible downwards spiral.

That’s why Lyon is who I relate to the most (at least, I think I do), although there are a few things in Cordelia that I found in myself too, which is why I initially disliked her.