Asagami Fujino Tier?

Any idea if she is worth summoning?


She’s a 4* ST Buster Archer with a good ATK rating and a beefy defense.

If that sounds like something you want, go for it. Otherwise you can safely pass if you have better options or don’t like her that much.

Also keep in mind that she’s so incredibly rare right now that this could be your only chance to build her NP level up, at least for more than 2+ years to come.

Roll if you love her, but no one needs her.

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She is a limited 4* introduced on a rerun event so she’s extremely rare in the sense you have really few opportunities to get her (litteraly only once for the next 2 years in NA). On that regard she’s certainly worth trying to get.
For gameplay, she is okish but not great. Very bulky but has low damage compared to the other 4* Archers.
Overall, not really a recommended pick unless if you like her.


She is not going to change you life ,if you want her for love or collectionism then go for her, if you don’t really like Fujino you can ignore her , a crit Buster ST Archer is pretty comun ,the other Archers with the highst ATK stat Tomoe (a non-limited) that can help the team and be a DPS at the same time ,and Ash (a story lock) that you can get on the LB4 banner with Asclepius ,Arjuna and Karna all great servant


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to add to what people have been saying regarding her release rarity

from her servant profile in one of the fgo material books:

A Servant added in the Kara no Kyoukai collab event’s rerun.
She will never appear in the story. She’s just a special participant joining the battle exclusively as fanservice.

so if you want her, it’s highly likely that this will be your only chance

with perhaps miyu being the same during the prillya rerun next year

though if you don’t have any interest, then there’s no point in bothering, of course


I thought this thread is about the tier, not about whether she’s worth the summoning. Personally I would say she will be tier 3 together with Tomoe due to how she needs support to really shine and isn’t really just a convenient servant to just use on her own.


I thougth the same when i read the titule, and yeah Fujino is a solid tier 3 ,if Tomoe is tier 3 Fujino will be too ,She is not so helpful for a team ,She more useful for herself then in a team, and her skill 2 and 3 are pretty situacionals, She look like a tier 3 for me

To be fair, we don’t usually fault DPS for being selfish as long as they deal enough damage.

Tomoe, despite being Tier 3 on GP, is quite good. Like Fujino, however, she’s up against some very stiff competition, making it difficult for her to stand out.

I mean, half of the Archers are crit Archers so.
And they could put her is tier 4 for just having one rate up if forever, like some story locks that could be higher if the weren’t story locks

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Fujino is a really good SR Buster Archer in a field of really good SR Buster Archers. Just like the other 2, she’s got some things going really well for her. If you have either Anne & Mary (Archer) or Archer of Inferno, then you don’t really need Fujino. However, if you think you might possibly want her, then you should go all out on her because she’s never coming back again.

In terms of Tier placement, she should fit right in real nicely in Tier 3 with the Beach Yuri Pirates and Archer of Inferno.

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Not a difficult to exploit niche - in fact, she’s oh-so-straightforward - and is uniquely bulky among the SRs, eclipsing even Edgemiya on that perspective. Fits the bill perfectly, just like Tomoe, in terms of having “stiff competition.” Is consistent but is outright not best-in-the-class for farming or CQs even in her rarity (hello Chloe in T1 with her absurd kit, and the painful as heck semi-staller Altmiya in T2), offensively or defensively. Fits right in alongside Tomoe and the Birates.

In the broader scheme of things since OP didn’t actually specify tiering: No, not really. Danakane already covered why.

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I’m actually more surprised that people aren’t arguing whether to roll for Saber Shiki or not, because I heard this was also her one and only rate-up.

Is it because doesn’t have as much direct competition like Fujino clearly does?

Void gets a banner come 2022 NY actually.

And it’s probably because, even setting aside the whole “only banner” deal with Fujinon, people have already had several chances at Void.

Beyond that though, she’s got substantial competition in every respect. As a farmer, she’s flatly outclassed by Mordred and post-upgrade (3rd Anni) Saber as they don’t just have charges but 30 charges. In terms of “AOE Arts DPS,” Nero isn’t the same but can still fill that specific mold if someone only cares about the mold. In terms of Saber DPS’ with soft or hard bulk: Okita at least has an Evade, Yagyu has an Evade and stackable ATK Down, Sabermuid has Evade and defensive buff removal, and for a non-DPS d’Eon has debuff cleanse and taunt and Evade.

For harder content, Saber’s/Mordred’s farming strengths can be translates into CQ strengths given their being able to 2x NP in high-end comps, never mind Bride also existing for a more direct form of support and a really great form of offense (… and also support, even before her NP Gen Up gets a 30 charge). For harder and farming content, Lanling Wang later this year is pretty damn nice to have with regards to support. For DPS measure, Beni next NY can hit some pretty silly ceilings.

All told Void isn’t a lot to write home about, and those who care about that already know this, and those who want her for character loyalty likely already have her.


Saber Shiki will also appear in the GSSRs and will also have a rateup in two year’s time. She isnt that rare as Fujino is ( but she also has barely any rateups, so I would consider her somewhat rare). Eh, in terms of gameplay, she isnt anything game changing either. The insta-death mechanic being meh, because 9 out of 10 times it is unreliable ( and in CQs servants do have high death resistance, enough said).
Now on a waifu scale, she is top tier. She is very beautiful.


Great to know! Most of us weak-willed humans have an aversion to missing out, which is probably why so many are asking about Fujino.

I’m glad I stumbled on these threads. I can now safely ignore these banners to wait for my husbandos next month!

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Good luck with your husbands, I hope they come home nice and easy. :)

I’ll be here just debating between serious character favoritism and what would be the highest definition of a luxury roll… and now with your post, hoping my Summer/Anni plans work out…


So the answer to this question as posted is Tier 2, because that’s where GP just put her.

I could have seen it either way (Tier 2 or Tier 3) bc to me she’s better than Tamoe (Tier 3) but by how much?

Despite of having already yuri pirates and Tomoe, I still wanna roll for her. Just look at those animations and that sweet NP! Also, as a fan of KnK series, she is a must have LOL. Although it would not hurt for her NP to be AoE instead of ST. :smiley:

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