Ascendant floret on Brave Hector. What stat?

I already have brave Hector merged once with a plus attack boon. So now I have to choose between resistance and defense. I already have him built with far save along with Brave Edelgard with near save on the same team most of the time. Since he’s covering far save I’m thinking resistance would be nicer on him against magic units since his resistance is 33 versus 44 defense he already has.

Does anyone have any other ideas of if defense would be better? Thanks!


Slap more res on him. Make those Glacies phat


My +10 B!Hector is +Atk/+Res, so I recommend Res, particularly for Far Save.


Also recommend Res. That’s my main on my +8. He may get my second floret, which would be Atk.

Res on Hector (make Far Saves more broken)