Ascension materials you are always farming

It seems like there are some ascension materials I never have enough of. I bet others are in the same boat. (And Ushi is jumping off of that boat…)

Anyway, for me, it seems like I always need to farm dragon fangs or knight medals. Also gears, but to a lesser extent. What about you all?

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Fool’s chains, Bones and Dragon Fangs. Hate them… but I don’t hate to whom I am given them to.

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Totally get that!

Steel and eternal ice ice bby.



So many early servants need them… most need almost 3 digits to max… and their drop rate is terrible relative to how much you actually need


The bane of my existence are proofs and feathers. But especially proofs. The amount some Servants need is ungodly.

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Proof of Hero
Aurora Steel
Dragon Fangs

Only real time I actively go to grinding. Usually other materials I’ll get maybe 1-2 of each a week, but the ones I listed are active grind sessions.

Bloody Dragon Fangs
Damned phoenix feathers
Cursed Evil Bones
Proof of Hero

Homonculus Babies man. I hate them so much. Also gems but that’s not the point.

Dust. Bones. Proofs. Feathers.

Bronze mats are the ultimate long-term mat hell with good reason lol.


Preach it!

Just glad I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with some others - like seeds, for example - unlike with bronze mat purgatory. Makes it that much more bearable.

You actually wrote them in the exact same order I was going to type them, too. :fgo_seiba:

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I only keep my power level hidden out of respect. :smirk:

I would say the typical bad cases, the bronze materials that require large amounts, but more recently I’ve been getting pretty low in most non-gold materials. Probably because the Summer rerun got moved to after the anniversary, so I’m waiting longer for easy material stocks.

All of them?

No, I’m actually pretty good on Gold ones except Hearts/Claws. Feathers are the one I always find myself crawling back to…I’ll farm 60 or 70 of them, but they’ll be gone in no time and back to Salem I go.

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Feathers, I hate them with a passion. And just about any bronze material is always in high demand.

Bones and stakes for me

Bones and proof.

Though Spinal Fluid and Poison Needles are running low too, thx to a certain old guy. :fgo_moriartysmile:

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Moriarty thanks you for funding his back surgeries and supplying tools for assassinations, truly essential work for the success of his criminal network and schemes. :fgo_moriartysmile: