Ashen Wolves when?

When you you guys think we will get the Ashen Wolves?

I really want Hapi and I guess Constance too. Plus I wonder how they will add Balthus.


I don’t know

But she


She is a hoot! I loved her character. But, to be honest I am a Hapi man myself.


Idk when but, if they did, I expect they would make Balthus an Axe unit honestly

I don’t think they would do Gauntlets because (even though he is the Grappling King) they only exist in 3H

It’s not something that could be easily implemented for other characters not in 3H imo


The only way I see it happening is if they count the Guantlets as an Axe or if they makr him like Peusdo beast unit.


Good man :fgo_davinci:


I said this about SoV and I will say it about Ashen Wolves.

Please delay these two banners for a few more months that way I can save up for them, thanks

I’d laugh over the rage an Ashen Wolves summer banner would get, just because we had a 3H summer banner last year.


I imagine the next time we get a Three Houses banner. Just like we had a banner dedicated to the Church characters over the students, the Ashen Wolves make a decent collective banner, and they all ranked pretty high. We’ll see what they do, but my guess on the next New Heroes from Three Houses will be them and GHB Aelfric.


The only way I see them working are prfs for characters like Caspar, Raphael, and the King of Grappling himself. I suppose Legendary Male Byleth (or Female) could also be a gauntlet unit. But I don’t except any inheritables until at least another game with Gauntlets as a weapon, and even then that’s a stretch.

The bigger problem is how would they work? Be like Brave Weapons? Have a desperation effect? I mean, it’s probably not all that complicated but there’s a few ways to go about it. It’s just that there isn’t enough units who seemingly have gauntlets as canon/personal weapons. Not to mention, IS is dipping its toes in the pool with Colorless Tomes, so I don’t expect Gauntlets anytime soon if they ever get added


I hope not for at least a few more months. 3H needs a bit of a break. I mean, it’s been barely 3 months since we got Marianne and the like, and we got more Edelgard and Dimitri this past month

Even though I am patiently waiting for OG Felix, I would like to see other games get some more characters, too



Probably the only person besides Balthus who I would call a grappler, yeah.

That’s what I imagine their effect would be, giving a double on initiation (SPD penalty debatable) since that’s the whole gimmick around Brawling in 3H.


I think we’ll see them when they decide to add gauntlets. They added beast damage a ways into the game’s life, so I don’t see why they can’t do gauntlets. I can’t imagine they’ll be added separately, so it will just be for a major update where they do something like adding a new weapon type.


I expect them before the year is over. I hope Balthus is the demote, even if he’ll just be another axe infantry unit.


You do realize besides Tokyo Mirage 3H has the least reperasentation in FEH I am not talking about number of heroes I am talking about number of characters. Plus we have been getting SS, RD and PR like crazy for a while, so we need more some more from 3H or the next least reperasented game.

That is likely going to be a while since 3H is the ONLY game with that weapon type. So, if thats the case I would expect it no sooner than after CYL5. If not next year.

tbh it only has the least representation cuz it’s the most recent entry

unlike all the other titles which had since the game’s release to add new faces to the game 3H only has been around in feh for 2 years

yes they could do back to back banners with new 3H characters nonstop to compensate for those extra 2 years the other entries had but that’s not the best idea
The company knows 3H is popular and wants to keep the new characters somewhat distant between each other for maximum revenue

besides with the rate I.S. introduces 3H characters they’ll end up being as represented as the other titles but in a shorter time frame

so just give it time :D


Three Houses is my favorite game, and Marianne is my favorite character, but I was still upset to see her banner because it had been preceded by:

  • Another New Heroes banner (Church)
  • Five seasonal alts across two banners (Winter & Plegia)
  • Two legendaries (Dimitri & Claude)
  • And a mythic (Seiros)

All in the span of less than five months. As much as I love the game, it still felt excessive. Basically, what I’m trying to say is even fans can get burnt out, and with as much as 3H has received recently, it doesn’t need another proper banner for at least a few more months.

Also they can’t add Hapi yet because my stash will need time to recover after B!Marianne


Thracia is down so bad that people forget they have way less representation lol :feh_welp:


As much as I’d like to have Constance in FEH…

Maybe as seasonals, but really not as new heroes soon. We just got on march a 3H new hero banner and there are enough games which had their last banner for a longer time.

Next should ones should be Tokyo Mirage (if IS plans to add another one), Fates and Awakening. After that PoR/RD and then we can talk about a 3H new hero banner.

I agree that Tellius got seasonals like crazy last year, that doesn’t mean though that 3H need to start that in general for this year.

If we don’t look at seasonal’s/other alt’s (aka only looking at a units og version), SoV only now has more units than 3H