Ashen Wolves when?

Meanwhile Thracia 776 is crying in a corner, forgotten


People have to understand that it doesn’t really matter if gauntlets are exclusive to 3H and only few characters canonically use them

There are many characters from different games who could use them, IS could even make an entire seasonal banner about brawlers from different games (like the Ninja banner), that of course if gauntlets have different colors, rather than being just colorless

Also, after 4 years we only have 2 infantry green archers, so what if don’t get too many gauntlets units?

If Balthus has an axe I’ll be very disappointed :catslam:

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I hope they just don’t make Balthus a boring armor unit. At least give him something unique or it will end like my love for Dedue.


He should be infanty because his canonical classes in 3H have normal infantry movement.

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I mean, they’ve kinda put themselves in a corner with Balthus. His hero relic is a gauntlet so either he’s a prfless 3-4* demote (unlikely), or they invent a 3H-exclusive weapon type.

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shameless plug to my AW theorycrafting for the heroes Ideas for the Ashen Wolves Heroes dudes