Ashnard: Rein or Menace?

Another HoF poll… I’m debating between Atk Def rein and Atk Def menace. I know which way I’m leaning but wanna see what you guys think, thanks!

  • Atk Def Rein
  • Atk Def Menace

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Atk/Def Rein is a lot more consistent, and also helps Ashnard’s allies as he’s a surprisingly good support unit with his weapon.
Atk/Def Menace is good for self-sufficiency, but you can pretty easily get visible buffs and debuffs.

it is also important to consider that at this point Atk/Def Menace is rarer than Atk/Def Rein, but it’s also possible to get Atk/Def Menace and another line of skill if you have Threaten Atk/Def for skill inheritence if you’re looking for one later.

All in all, I would say Atk/Def Rein 3.


I was thinking the same or the same reasons. As much as I wanna go menace, rein just fits so well with his weapon and as support. Thanks!