Aside from np looping, on what is skadi good for?

I got tempted by the hype train of skadi and i used up all the sq i’ve been saving and i finally got her at the last draw. I did a bit of research about her and the np looping on farming. but i want to know if how can i use her full potential as a support aside from farming. Because i think Np farming leans on the p2w or whale side, because most of it requires mlb kscope and higher np levels of higher rarity servants, so i probably won’t be able to do it. I kinda don’t want to waste her potential because i’ve used up all my sq just to get her so i want to know if i could use her in another way besides farming. I have some good quick ST servants such as Ushi, Atalante Alter and Scathach that i got from gssr and i heard that i could pair her with skadi i want to get some advise regarding it.

You can go for three turn shenanigans in CQ using double skadi and Ushi/scathach. Or simply black grail ushi/scathach and double skadi for first turn big numbers.

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She’s a great support unit. All you need to do is simply consider her skills:

  1. Primordial Rune (Skadi): Easily the best and longest lasting Quick buff in the game. You will shred critical stars considerably and subsequently deal insane critical damage.
  2. Shivering Blizzard: An incredibly strong and punishing demerit for the enemy. Fairly straightforward, but it just helps your team be all the most impactful.
  3. Allfather’s Wisdon: You can’t do much better as a support than a 50% NP charge, a seriously rare and valuable skill that even in current day JP is not possible for only a select few servants.

Gate of Skye, her NP, is itself a hybrid offensive/defensive tool that pairs well with her other skills. It’s not the best, and probably the worst between the main four supports, but it’s still valuable and further helps to enable your team perform iin combat.

There’s still going to be scenarios where say Merlin or Waver or even Tamamo is a better option, but Skadi is by no means restricted to enabling looping, nor even just Quick servants (though like Merlin with Buster, it’s still preferred).


You use her the same way you use Tamamo or Merlin, to greatly enhance the performance of a servant being it AOE or ST, just in this case it focuses on Quick.

So she’s great for anything really, farming and CQs. Maybe she lacks the defensive potential that Waver and Merlin give but she makes up for that with more damage thanks to her 2nd skill.

Scathach was already good but paired with double Skadi now she is top tier.

I don’t know what CQs we have coming up, but Gate of Skye could have some benefit vs ID gimmicks, that annoying Hassan fight (if we get something similar again) for example.

While Skadi lacks both a strong Defence buff and Healing, Skadi’s NP can protect the team from NPs and can even use her 3rd skill on herself if need be. Waver may have strong Defence buffs and while he can delay NPs he cannot protect the team from NPs which can be exposed by instant-NP break bars.
And the Crit Chance down on her second skill can be a lifesaver, especially because she lacks a Def Up or Atk Down. From my experience, Merlin covers most of Skadi’s defensive shortcomings and in turn she can protect the team from NPs while Merlin’s second skill is on cooldown.


Aside from her gameplay the generous people of GG mentioned above, she is also one of the greateat reasons to buy and eat Ice Cream :fgo_gilles_averdi:

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She is good, she can support a Quick DPS with 50% Quick effectiveness, 100% Quick crits and a 50% battery using her skill.
Her NP isn’t great but can be useful some times
She isn’t good generating stars so that’s a down side, but isn’t useless outside of farming so have fun with her

“I said, Skadi, huh, good god y’all
What is she good for?
Absolutely farming-and-supporting-quick-based-damage-dealers-in-short-to-medium-length-battles! Say it, again!”


Most people consider her NP to be worse than Waver’s/Tamamo’s/Merlin’s. But her skills are amazing. So, she is probably a bit harder to use for challenge quests, for example. But she is still good.

Ironically you’ll only squeeze out the best of her use by looping. Doesn’t matter farming or CQ, she’ll always be looping. The only difference is ST looping and AoE looping. That’s what you get when your kit is overwhelmingly tailored to just offense. Merlin can buy turns and snowball his HP/NP/star regen, Tamamo can stall NP and snowball the party’s buff, Waver can stall and DEF up to blunt some hits. Skadi just increase your Quick damage, and it’s crit damage, and give you charge to accelerate your NP damage, and give DEF down to… increase damage. And I guess crit down for a chance of not being one shot, and a party evade to survive AoE NP… occasionally anyway, unless you want to dedicate facecards to make sure Skadi’s NP is filled (spoiler: you don’t.)


These are great points and true as far as they go, but we’re seeing a lot of players around here who feel discouraged by the focus on her looping (especially if they lack the options to enable it effectively) and need a nudge to think outside the box.

Her ability to substitute for Waver in many comps is one of her most compelling cases for added value outside of Quick looping. It doesn’t even need to be a looping comp, not anymore than Waver must be used that way.

She still shines best with fast play, but it’s important not to undersell the value she brings to more than just Quick looping teams, particularly for newer players who don’t have the luxury of fielding their own, more suitable high-end alternative.


She is good but outside of looping comp (don’t worry even if you can’t right now, many of the best servant for loop are in general pool, kscope can also spook you any time) she is worst waver.

Mind you, I am not saying she is bad.she can really shine outside of dss.
Here one YouTuber who is posting come cq usage of her

She can be good even outside dss . You just need to be creative

:clap:and this :clap:is why :clap:you never :clap:buy or get baited :clap:
into hype

you would think as anime fans we would learn this by now but apperently everyone has
aesop amensia from anime while playing fgo


she’s still a damn good quick support, even when not np looping

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just use her as waver subsistute

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yeah, if you just want a 50% charge on someone and don’t care about any buffs/debuffs, she works well to that end as well

just like merlin makes charging your entire frontline by 20% faster, skadi makes charging one ally by 50% faster

Perhaps its a lack of experience on her or maybe the immense focus on DSS right now, but its really sad that Skadi seems to be reduced to being the “DSS enabler”. Sure, she made the comps possible, but if you look at her skills and understand their raw value, it should’ve been obvious that she’s one of those at the summit of their role. Does 50% quick up + 100% quick crit damage, 50% np charge, and AoE def + crit down all in one package not mean anything now?

Sorry for the little rant. As someone who’s really fond of supports, I just find it frustrating that they are being undersold just because they don’t enable the most optimal of comps.

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I’ve been reading/watching a lot of stuff from around when Skadi came out in Japan, and she was pretty consistently underestimated. The general consensus before NP looping strats were discovered (which was actually fairly quickly) was that she was definitely top-tier, but more on Tamamo’s level than Waver or Merlin’s. Suffice to say, her kit isn’t the most obviously impressive, unlike Merlin who is just “Wait, that skill does WHAT?!?” When I first read her profile, before I had any idea how she was used, I didn’t understand what was so great about her.

I feel like it’s just currently impossible to maintain objectivity on the subject, given the level of attention Skadi generates. You’re either being biased by hype or hype-backlash, and people are just talking past one-another. We’ll just need to wait for people to calm down a bit, get some practical experience using her, and see what the consensus becomes in a couple months or so. I’d predict post-GilFest, at the earliest.