Aside from np looping, on what is skadi good for?

It’s part of how Quick was designed. They have the worst damage, middling NP gen, but the most star drop. When passive stargen becomes common, they lost any function except padding on some servant’s facecard NP gain.

There’s no easy way to balance Quick because of this. If you just add more ATK steroid, then it would buff other cards as well. If you add anything below 30% Quick up, people would still turn to Buster for damage and to Arts for NP gain. So the only choice is to give Skadi over the top Quick buff and Quick exclusive crit buff. Consequently, instead of bringing Quick to the middle, it just made them extremely unstable and niche. Quick servants are either middling without Skadi, or extremely powerful with her, no in between. Skadi is like this too. She’s powerful with Quick comps, but middling outside of that.

Waver and Merlin don’t have this problem because all of their buffs are universal (despite popular opinion, Hero Creation’s critical buff is universal). Skadi shares this niche with Tamamo, in that outside of their comps they are underwhelming. Both Skadi and Tamamo have their Arts/Quick buff cut off from their kit. Tamamo’s NP is more useful in exchange for her selfish defense skill, Skadi’s NP is less useful in exchange for her useful 50% charge.

Bottom line is, if you’re asking “what else is Skadi good for?” Then the answer is the same as “what else is Tamamo good for?” Do you consider Tamamo not worth the hype? Then Skadi wouldn’t excite you either. Tamamo gets one point from me outside Arts comp due to her novelty of non-gated CD reduction. Skadi gets none because DEF down and 50% charge is covered by Waver still.

Besides, why do people hate looping so much? Isn’t that half the endgame of FGO? Deal as much stupid damage as possible? Whining about how Skadi is only good for looping is like whining about how Skadi is only good for beating half the game. 80% of the game even. The other half is stalling when the game prevents you from killing. The goal of the game is always killing. Killing now or killing later, and it just so happen that the sooner the better. Shut up Skadi whiners, being niche is not bad.

Case in point.

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Can’t help but think that we are really damned spoiled when anyone at all can refer to Skadi’s kit as niche. If Waver didn’t exist, she would be him; even with Waver around, she does a good chunk of his job and is more than serviceable.

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Where can i sign up to have skadi be serviceable to me :fgo_ereshsmile: :fgo_bbgrin:


I can say that she turns The Toker (aka Kintoki Rider) into a Caster-seeking murder missle. I ran one of the training grounds with a Kintoki and MLB Origin Bullet, Drake (NP up skill lvl 2), and a Support Skadi.

On an NP - Quick - Quick - Extra chain he hit for ~360k on the NP, refunded for 115% and generated ~50 stars.

Thank you for your advise and i’m sorry if you’re offended by my question. but I just asked the question because I do NOT want to waste her, i did said that, it feels like im wasting her because i can’t use her potential. And also i’m kinda new to the game and i haven’t even used Tamamo once which you are talking about. And did i ever said i hate np looping? No, i really want to experience it but do not have the requirements for it. And that’s why i’m asking if there’s other way i could use her because i repeat, I DO NOT WANT TO WASTE HER. Oh, and did i ever complain about her? Either way, you helped me. So once again, thanks for your advise and sorry if most of you are offended by my question. Give me some time to learn more about the game and have the requirements to np loop.

Edit: the title may sounds like i’m complaining but i repeat, I AM NOT, i just do not want to waste her and that’s why i’m looking for advise.

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I’m mad at not just you. These past few days I’ve seen lots of people trying to crap on Skadi’s looping comp, either by saying she’s overhyped or the complete opposite and try to force her into stalling comps. NO she can’t stall whatsoever. Her skills are too offensive and she can’t snowball buffs. Freaking Hans stall better than her because he actually has defense up and regen. She can’t stall and that’s fine. Looping is already good enough. You can build a team around her designed to have her NP every 3 turns to abuse her party evade and stack her crit up, but it would require far more effort than just picking up Ushi/Fuuma/Caesar to do regular clear comps, or 3T farm with her 50% charge and the usual Arash/Spartacus.

Is there anything else Skadi is good for? Hell no. But isn’t just looping enough? Stop putting her down or trying to force her into things. Looping is good enough.

lmao aren’t you barking at the wrong tree, did i said that she’s overhyped? Did i put her down? What’s the purpose of this thread that i made? To look for advise right? Because i repeat for the nth time, I WANT TO USE HER, I DO NOT WANT TO WASTE HER. Isn’t that the opposite of putting her down? Because i’m trying to find another way.

Well thank you for your helpful advise i’ll be using it in the near future🤗

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Yeah that. I’m mad at people trying to find another use as if just looping isn’t enough.

Isn’t it because they don’t have the requirements? Be open-minded, others may not have what you’re looking for.

Edit: and why would you get mad at newbies?


Then newbies should stick with Ushi/Caesar and build their Arash and Spartacus for 3T farm with Skadi instead of trying to do backflip with her.

And this is what i mean by you should be open-minded👏. God this is getting nowhere🤦‍♂️. I’ll just shut up and you should too thank you very much🤗.

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Surely, because you’ve seen how fruitful it is to ask what can Skadi do besides looping and 3T farming.

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Yes, Because i’ve seen LOTS of HELPFUL advise above from MORE open-minded people who’s willing to listen to others instead of complaining because others are looking for some ways to make Skadi a better servant than she usually is.

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Oh yes, I do see a lot of advice here about using Skadi that does not involve Quick servants or 3T farming.

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Sorry but I got to get into this…

What’s the point of not using skadi for 3 turn or quick servant?.

I’m not talking about looping, but general boss fight.
Why would anyone take skadi unless they lack waver or they are using quick servant?

I really don’t see the point in your complain.

She is ment for fast battle and for quick servant. She is perfect for thet.

Obviously when we talk about her possibility outside quick loop we go there.

Would you pick Mash into a farm fest?
No obviously.

Skadi does have other possibility outside the already good looping strategy, only in those she is a bit behind waver and merlin, thets all.

To be fair, it’s mostly because quick is a awfully balanced card

In case you really did miss my sarcasms, yes I too think that Skadi is useful only in Quick and farm comps.

I’m planning to use her as a support for my ST quick servants that’s why i said i have Scathach, Ushi and Atalante Alter. What you’re saying earlier is just about np looping And farming, you did not inlcude that i could use her for support on quick servants. Somehow your point turns from “Skadi’s only useful from farming” to “Skadi’s useful for farming and for quick supports”. God, why’d you resume this pointless convo? I don’t even care anymore i’ll just use mine however i want it to be.

Oh yes. By all means, do use your Quick team without the Quick up leveraging your Quick cards into looping.

Indeed, it’s my Skadi not yours. Thank you Wussling and bye. i’m done :hugs: