Ask about the way use Musashi as a crit berserker

Anyone here tries to use Musashi as a crit berserker ? i think lanling wang is a great support for her : 20% atk, 20% art, 50% critical star generation rate, 50% crit damage for 3 turns ( she can make critical star by her np ) . Musashi also have high atk base so she would hit so hard. The setup will be Musashi( with KLD ) tamamo nerobride and Lanling wang, they are also enough to loop her np ( apply for CQ, not farming )

She won’t be able to actually absorb the crit stars unless you flood her with stars considering that she’s a Berserker with a star absorb of 9 so the plan falls apart pretty early on.


Well, you can Double Hans with double 2030 for that…2 JP Hans: 30 stars 60% of the time. 2 2030:16 stars, always. 46 stars you will crit almost 100% sure for 3 turns out of 5, with any card.

Oh, you can Mozart + plugsuit to have one turn of sure crit, with one turn of OP arts buff as well…

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But that goes against OP’s plan of Tamamo/Nero Bride/Lanling.

humm so this plan is impossible to crit while still can loop the np ?

Tropical Summer can help her crit on Arts, but once every 10 turns x’D

I don’t know if Bride+Lanling Star generation buff would be enough to gen a huge amount of stars with a chain. If it does, you can probably get away with it.

  1. Berserkers have very low star absorbsion, even with seal designated enforcer her absorbsion is only at caster level. The only way to increase her absorbsion is with a targetable absorbsion up skill, which only Brynhild have. She does also have a star gen up, but it’s tied to her np.
  2. Musashi’s np hits 4 times. With 50% star gen up it makes 6 stars, so I don’t know what you expect to do with it anyway.

no, bride have 50% star generation up too. it will be 100%

with brave chain np art quick, this guy can make 45 star, not that bad huh ?