Ask for unit criticism

I think I’m on the right track of building this man. But I would like criticism so I know if I’m doing something right. Sorry if this silly but I kinda wanted to share and get others opinion on it.
Here’s his second build


Never thought I’d see the day someone wants opinions on Gharnef. :eyes:

First one looks aight, though you may want Mystic Boost/Desperation in B. Second would likely work better with a Bladetome.


Honestly, for the first build I’d just put Atk/Spd Solo if you want multiphase or Swift Sparrow 3 if you want player phase. Atk/Spd Push 4 is good when it’s active but if he’s taken out of that HP requirement, and don’t heal him back up, then he will have a dead A skill. He’s also gonna want Desperation. He’s got enough bulk to survive an attack from most units, but without Desperation he’s gonna be a sitting duck once he gets to low HP, and it’s not like he’s got high enough defense or resistance to tink tink opponents outside of Azama.

The second one is okay. You’d probably want to either just go all out and use a Bladetome or just go with a different build. He doesn’t have the attack necessary to successfully utilize a Vantage build.

Also ew, Gharnef.


I had a feeling you’d say that :3