Ask this girl (almost) anything!

Title says it all. Ask me anything you’d like, except if it involves personal information (e.g. phone number, school I attend). Other than that, ask away! Doesn’t even have to be FEH/FE related.


Why is Kirby broken

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I don’t know. Are you talking about Kirby in Smash? I know that he has the ability to eat pretty much anything and can copy abilities, so yeah.

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Yeah smash
Also mainly just a joke
Serious question now
What’s your favorite FE?

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i can haz?

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I’ve mentioned this before, but Shadows of Valentia, and not just because a certain fiery-haired mage is in it. I like most of the characters in that game (Faye might not have a character I like (or a character at all), but I think her design is adorable, and she makes a dang good cleric). There’s also the world of Valentia itself, which makes me want to jump straight into the game and explore villages or dungeons with Alm or Celica and their armies.


What do you want?

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something, but i’m not sure yet

Did you create this post because you were bored ?
Are you saving your orbs ? If yes, which unit/alt/banner are you currently waiting for ? I’m saving orbs for Lysithea.
Which unit do you “Summoner Support” ? (A!Tiki for me, because she is my fav unit and every stats are useful on her).

I can’t think of anything to ask, sorry.

But :catwave:

What’s your favorite fe character? (besides luthier)

Explain the concept of infinity. :thinking:

What’s your phone number?
Is a hotdog a sandwich?

What’s your favorite female FE character?


Is it time to talk about limits? :catroll:

No. I’ve been wanting to do this for a few days. I’m actually kinda busy with schoolwork.

Oh yeah. Have you seen my orb count? And they’re ALL for Luthier, my husbando!

Subaki since I like his high defense and speed and his flier mobility. Waiting for Luthier, though.

What is?

Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagues the Wise?

Vanessa from SS.


Something that’s neverending.