Asking for Christmas 2020 advice

So with another half of the year ahead of us, I needed to ask an opinion about this year’s Christmas Gacha. This year Summer Martha’s a gacha servant again, and after 300 SQ and no Skadi I plan to save up for that time(Unless Thanksgiving is tantalizing). But I’m having trouble on deciding when to summon her.

On the one hand? I get to NP2 or more my favorite servant Quetz but I already have Rider Martha on NP5. Other hand? Summer Martha is the only 4 star on rate-up but I’m kinda not interested in Brad despite that I love her artist.

Was wondering what you all plan to do when Samba Christmas comes around?

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I wished there would be a banner with only quetz and ruler martha, is that too much to ask for?

I will throw some tickets at ruler martha during the 14 Million banner, can’t do more because wavers event should be right after that. And it took all of my quartz to get skadi.

If I don’t get martha there, i will try on Christmas again, probably her solo rate up with bradamante

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Gonna roll on the Bradamante/Ruler Martha banner just to get NP2 Martha since Bradamante is general pool she’s not a prime target to me. Already got Quetz NP2 so I’m good on her forever.

But if I DO get Bradamante, cool, since she’s such a sweetheart.

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Gonna roll for ruler martha only but knowing my luck i will get all of them except ruler martha

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Christmas 2020 is an easy skip unless bradamante is waifu for you (she is not ideal for skadi looping ; ‘nice’ NP animation though).

2021 has kama, merlin, arjuna alter to roll for.
Maybe nero bride will also be a good roll for those who dont have a kaleidoscope yet.

Secondaries are:
Benienma, Altria ruler, musashi berserker, li shuwen (assassin).

I too don’t care about Bradamante, so probably some tickets for additional NP levels for Martha(s). Rider Martha especially, since she was the debuff clearing MVP for SE.RA.PH.

Oh Im going sell my soul to the devil just to get those last 2 copies of Ruler Martha
Martha is love

If Ruler Martha is your target, then roll on her solo day

Shared banners never go well in my experience

Prob the summer Martha and brad rate up already have qeutz and my summer Martha isn’t np5 yet so that rate up is my best choice