Asking for team building help after passively playing for 3 years

If anyone can help / sees this, I need guidance. I legitimately have just been playing this game on and off for about 3 years and never asked / made any post for help cause I just browse forums for hopefully the answer or general idea. But, lately I wanted to make legitimate teams versus just brute forcing with J.Alter / Chloe as I’ve been doing for so long.

If anyone’s out there that can just take a glance at my chaldea and tell me if I can make a great team composition / optimal one please do, cause I’ve been doing the summer event and some of the crunch time events take me like 10 turns >_<

Mainly looking for a:
farming team composition - for Gil fest cause I finally wanna use my saved up apples from like years ago (I have NP5 Arash, but idk if I have anyone better)

if possible other team composition ideas such as -

Quick team, if it’s possible to make Okita shine
Arts team, probably with Tamamo and NP2 Nero Bride + someone else

Or any team composition that can make Okita, Chloe, J.Alter, or Okitalter (I just got her) shine

I apologize in advance for asking for such a basic and general advice question, but I wanna make sure before I dump my saved embers / skill mats

EDIT: I can’t fully level Skadi cause I’m only at Babylonia >_< and I just got Tamamo, but will absolutely level her soon!

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For teams focused on Gilfest, you can see here: GilFest Farming Thread
@jakeyb is making a great guide for Gilfest farm.

For CQ art teams, I really recommed leveling Tamamo and GilCaster. You have many good art servants like Nero, Saberlot, Jeanne and Chloe.
For CQ quick teams, just put Okita with 2 Skadi and kill all. Berserkerlot is very good with double Skadi too, both for farm and CQ.


Step 1, farm Gilfest a LOT! Pile up your embers and qp

Step 2, level everyone!

Okay teams. You have skadi, Lancelot, and non mlb kscope. If plugsuit Helena she can jump-start zerkalot battery with a side of extra quick up for looping. Skills need to be highly leveled. If you have trouble obtaining the necessary refund, slap a kscope on Helena and she will clear a wave (especially when you have np2).

Arts crit: saberlot and casgil are an amazing pair. Saberlot has 4 turns of passive stars, gather and crit strength. Casgil has amazing stargen, plus atk/arts buff. Use casgil’s stargen buff while saberlot’s passive star skills are on cool down and you never run out of stars.

Those two teams are options that jump out at me.

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You have Skadi, 3 k-scopes, Zerkerlot, Riderin, Astolfo, Marie, Summer Ushi, TamaCat and Summer Scathach. I’d recommend taking a look at this:
Since you have Nero Bride leveled, you can substitute her for Paracellsus, and use Summer Scathach to create a DSS loop. You should be able to get enough Ascension mats from the event shop to get Skadi to her third ascension and unlock her last skill. Even if you can’t get them to max level, if you can at least get S3 to about lvl 5 or 6 (6 would be best, because that’s a 40% charge) and however high a level you can manage on S1, you should be able to get something to work out.

Helena works as a sort of budget Waver, so she’d be good to invest in. Nitocris is great for clearing two waves of bronze enemies on account of the instant death on her NP, her Death success rate buff, and her 100% NP battery. Other good farming units are Artoria Lancer Alter, Jeanne d’Arc Santa Lily Alter, and Drake. Saber alter will be good after she gets her buff, but that’s a ways away. Penth is a decent farmer, but she needs some help. Luckily, you have K-scopes and Helena.

OG Nero and Heracles are excellent “last man standing” due to how Guts works. Heracles can also be a solo servant.

Emiya is a good all-purpose unit, but ONLY AFTER YOU GET HIS RANK UPS. So get him to 70 when you get a chance.

On a side note, don’t neglect the lower rarity Servants. Hans is a budget Merlin. Paracelsus has a targetable NP battery. Arash is one of the best W1 clears in the game. Spartacus is also an efficient wave clearer. Lv 1 Georgios is great for setting up solo runs. Poster Girl can also help with this. d’Eon is also a good tank after you level them.

Those are just what I see right now. Also, I see you have duplicates of Helena, Carmilla, and Stheno. Either enhance the NP level of one of them, or if you already have NP5 on them, burn the extras for Rare Prisms.

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For a quick team, you should level up Skadi and Zerkerlot and use a Double Skadi + Zerkerlot. I promise this will cover a lot of your farming needs. If you’re having trouble having Zerkerlot loop 3x in 3T, you can use Arash to clear the 1st wave then proceed with the Double Skadi + Zerkerlot setup. This event shop stocks both Aurora Steel and Eternal Ice which you should use to level up Skadi’s skills. Skill recommendation is 3>1>2 because her NP battery scales with levels. Honestly, you can afford to leave Skadi at lvl 70 for now if you’re not done with LB2 but maxing out her 1st and 3rd skills is the key for quick farming. For Zerkerlot, you just need his 3rd skill maxed for the 1T NP gain needed for looping.

For your arts team, honestly you have a lot of good supports that you can build around that once you have them, you can borrow any arts DPS as needed. Level up your Tamamo first and foremost, both in exp level and skill levels as she’ll serve as the core of your arts team. Other important supports include Nero Bride for arts farming loops, Jeanne for challenge quest stall teams, CasGil for arts crit teams and finally Helena is a good budget Waver, as she brings a party-wide NP charge (10-20%) and a 3T all-card buff. Arts DPS-wise, Nitocris can best help you for farming bronze and silver enemies with her instant death mechanic + her NP charge (at level 8, she can charge 102% of her NP). Arts crit DPS-wise, Chloe, Shiki and Saberlot are good candidates to invest in.

In terms of CEs, definitely invest in your MLB Holy Night Supper, Black Grail and Kaleidoscope for your DPS and on Prisma Cosmos for your supports like Tamamo.

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For GilFest espacially, I do think you should prioritize leveling

  • Skadi : You could do double Skadi but the problem here is that you don’t have a Dantes thought maybe Zerkerlot can work with strong np lvl
  • Nitocris : Should be max lvl and max skill lvl. She seems to be really useful for the gilfest
  • Zerkerlot : Could be possibly useful depend of his np level

Maybe Siegfried coud do somthing good depending of his np level

Anyway, first, I’ll prioritze those three obvioulsy, they’ll do good for GilFest

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