Askr trio blessings?

So with the Askr trio, would you need to constantly swap which blessing they have due to the way bonus units cycle through? I don’t tend to use them very often, so I’m just curious.

Yas, if you play for max scoring, means with the right legendary each season, then yes you would need to constantly swap those.

I’m guessing the same applies to AR?


Well, that’s a bit of a pain, but thanks for the info.

You only have to switch them for maximum investment teams. Which means a legendary that is +10. I get in and out of tier 21 every other week, and I am not swapping their blessings and use them 90% of the time. I don’t have any invested legendaries so I lower my score potential to bring a legendary instead. To really hit that ceiling, you need 2 +10 blessed units, 1 +10 legendary of that season (6 +10s either armors or heroes with dual skills / 3 different season legendaries at max to then require blessing swaps. If you don’t use legendaries in arena, then 1 point is not going to break you with perfect runs and the trio member getting all 20 kills.

Having them blessed in AR is worth more than arena. You’d only not get the additional point every other week. Since I am pretty stacked for light, I (re)blessed Sharena and Anna for Astra to use as bonus heroes as I have plenty of light blessings for the odd hero out (recent GHB/TT unit). Alfonse I’ve just been lucky to not rebless yet, and he’s still Fire blessed. He will likely move to Astra when other units do not align for it.