ASPD Debuff abd Attack frame speed?

Does anyone know if the ASPD reduction slows down the attack animation.(for enemies)
Logically no, but I’m not sure at all.
If you’re asking why, it’s because I want to increase the utility of Pallas’ S2 if possible.


You mean from erosion/high tide? I actually haven’t been noticing much of a difference but we can test it on one of the stages

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There are several ways to affect aspd, Pramanix’s S1 for example.
Can Pallas stun other enemies with a decreased aspd?
The animation speed of an attack could be shorter than the attack speed of an operator.
But does the reduced aspd affect the duration of the animation?

I’ll try to explain with an example (untested):
Let’s say Dusk attacks every 2.9s but her attack animation is 1 second (you see her attack once every 1.9s and her attack deals damage at the end of the 1s animation, total 3.9s).
If her ASPD is reduced, does the animation time increase?
What happens if she is stunned before the animation? Does her attack timer reset and her next attack will take another 2.9 sec?
It all depends on how they coded it.


Long post ahead

First, I want to make sure we’re on the same page here, I beg your pardon but my dumb brain tend to over thinking things sometimes :fgo_gilgalaugh:


Short answer… It’s quite simple, Ange and Ayerscarpe’s Talent will do, also Whislash S1. That’s all I know by far.
Long answer… this entire post :fgo_gilgalaugh:


I believe reducing enemies aspd didn’t correlate this matter, the answer is Yes, she can stun any enemies with no stun immunity. Or perhaps I misinterpret the question :ak_lappdumb:
If Pallas got reduced aspd, can she stun the enemies ? = the answer is also Yes, same rule still applied.


Short answer : No, the animation or Basic Attack Interval can only be modified from self skill. So it doesn’t affect the animation, but still… we got reduced in total of Attack per Second due to aspd has been modified(reduced).
Long answer : this entire section.

Lets try to break it down here.
Tbh, that’s the first time I’m reading that page, but my knowledge have been accumulated in years and thousands of hours playing Dota2 and understanding a bit of its in depth mechanism, tho I’ve been inactive for a long time, I’m not that amnesiac :fgo_gilgalaugh:
Since math is an universal language, the formula can be applied, and I’m no expert, those complicated numbers still terrifies me :fgo_casgilworry: but I can say that Arknights is much more simpler

  • Arknights

    Only has 2 main factors, Basic Attack Interval and Attack Speed itself, then add simple modifiers, done.

  • Dota2
    They got 3 and had more details in it, for example Basic Attack Interval isn’t on the same terms like in Arknights, they got Basic Attack Time (BAT) for that.
    Meanwhile the Intervals can be modified thus creating more complicated stuff, it consist of foreswing (or attack point), which takes place before an attack lands, and a backswing (or base attack point), which takes place after.
    Add the delay, idle or move command, cancel in between, terrain/vision effect etc, it’s easier to be done than said tbh :fgo_gilgalaugh:
    But understanding the mechanics gave birth to an advanced move set or combo, such as Orb Walking or Stutter Stepping.

Third factor the same, unit’s Attack Speed is completely independent of its attack animation, but both the effective foreswing and backswing are affected by the total attack speed. It’s like my cookies are mine but I’m having certain rights of taking your cookies :fgo_gilgalaugh:


Following the formula, the answer still the same,
animation(Intervals) didn’t increase, she doesn’t have that luxury, but it feels longer because the foreswing got an extra delay by reduced aspd.

  • Tested by Medicknights on high tides of DH S4, 3 Healers with super long delay but still an immediate cast on their backswing, an overheal as result :fgo_gilgalaugh:

not so much in AK, but Instant Cast is a thing for Skill’s Interval in Dota2, the counterpart is Attack Projectile.
You can see the “Projectile Speed” for yourself when using ST Medic which have that animation, especially the long ranged one such as Kal’tsit and Ansel, meanwhile it’s just make more senses that our AoE Medic having the instant cast :fgo_gilgalaugh:

Reset, back to idle state

  • Tested by Schwing Schwing, Carnelian S3 and Dusk at Anni7

Sorry for the long post


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To put it simply, yes

This is pretty easy to test by recording a run where the Operators attack speed is decreased, here we’re going to be using the [High Tide] mechanic present in EX-5, since that gives an attack speed debuff to your Operators. Additionally we’re going to do this without any stickers in effect, as well as make sure any Operators that could change the results (Such as increasing attack speed on their own) cannot do so. Lastly to make sure that the methodology is consistent and you can test it yourself, the recording file produced a video at 1024 x 576 resolution, recorded at 24 FPS. I used Flowblade Video Editor, but you can use any video editing software that is capable of frame-by-frame playback

With that all out of the way we can start testing the run, for this the OP we will be using is Gladiia. We’ll then start counting frames from when Gladiia begins to move her weapon, up until the point the animation resets and she begins to attack again

Strangely enough, despite her actual atk interval being 1.8 seconds the time it took for her to start attacking again from the initial attack only amounted to 23 frames (0.958333333 seconds). This isn’t really relevant for your question but I just wanted to point it out since I thought it was interesting. Under the effects of high tide, the amount of frames she required bumped up to a total of 60 frames (2.5 seconds). So yes, lowered attack speed does increase the amount of time the animation takes to finish

This is correct, you can see this in a few different scenarios. In our Gladiia example, we can interrupt Gladiia mid-attack by activating her S3. This works the same way with other OPs like Bibeak, W, Texas, or really anyone who has a different animation than regular attacking while using a skill

In the case of enemies, stunning them will cause their attack animation to reset and they will begin to use them again. You can see this in Bibeak stunlock strategies, where the player will time the use of Blade Swap to just before the enemy is able to hit Bibeak


Thanks, i think you have respond to all the questions i had.
After watching some videos with Pallas stalling Golems and Mudrock, i want to make sure it’s possible to stall faster units (without stun resistance), with some help.

1/ attack interval and animation are not tied
2/ damage/heal is instant after the attack interval

The stun can reset the attack interval timer.
This mean Pallas can interrupt any attack below her own “attack interval” if the stun is 100% efficient.
And that mean too, theoretically, that “ASPD debuff” can decrease the attack interval of a blocked enemy below Pallas Attack interval (with GP formula) and Pallas can stall faster blocked enemy during her S2.
4/But her S2 does not stun reliably and that’s why it’s so hard to prove these assumptions(85% at M3).
5/With the same idea, “aspd increase” affect the efficiency of Pallas’s S2 skill the same way, because her attack interval decrease.

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Thanks , you really did all these ? :rofl:

Now we are sure the animation is slowed down too :smiley:.

This is the most important part.
Now it’s proven.
I won’t hesitate to M3 her S2
Thanks all.

it definitely is my Surtr S3 goes really really slowly even during the animation when i didn’t put the ASPD reduction immunity stickers if there are tides