Assassin of nightless city worth it?

Hi, the free servant event is coming so… My team lack assassin so i have been thinking to get assassin of nightless city not coz of loli k. But i think her np is ex rank and can beat gramps i think. But i also consider carmilla and emiya. So what your thought?

She hits the hardest out of those three you mentioned, but she won’t beat Gramps until her Interlude (a year and a half away on NA), and she also needs Imperial Privilege to land.
But her NP also enables some massive crit damage followup, and she offers (quick) team support. Imo she’s the best pick out of the 4star Assassins.


Semi-support, maybe. As a damage dealer she can unstable because of Imperial privilege’s 60% chance of atk buff. She gets better with Skadi though.

As a support she has a lot of offensive for Quick teams, Empress Charisma+Torture Technique is quite strong. If you like Quick teams, yeah she’s a good pick.

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Thanks for your advice!

Not much else to add to what the others mentioned already, except that you can remove RNG from Imperial Privilege’s equation should you have x/x/10 Ozymandias - other more affordable sources of buff success up are still a while away.

Car can hit hard vs girls and do so repeatedly due to excellent NP-gain + battery-cum-drain, also got good star-gen - trade-off is that neither her nuke vs other targets nor her facecards hit hard at all, basically she needs to line up those crits.

Edgy brings utility and feels right at home in an all-blue team and can put taunt on himself as well as others, which can be tremendously useful - chances are that you may have other assassin tanking-solutions, though, e.g. summah Nito or, more prominently, summah Scathach who can fill that role already. If you don’t have a committed all-blue team like wizard Gil/Tamamo/Paracelsus/queen Bou (you can fire her arts-buff and switch her out, no?), he doesn’t have quite as high value.

None of them are story-locked, of course, so chances are they’ll find their way into your crew eventually. Can’t go wrong with dwarf empress Wu, particularly since Nerafest got her prime material need of chains covered.


Wow thanks… I will take your advice seriously depending on my team.

Thanks… Bro much appreciated

Excuse me her what?


Also…her mats are awful. Truly sadistic, just like her personality :upside_down_face:

It’ll take a long while to max her out, especially considering she has no had skills.

Re:Kerry—he’s fun to play with (targeted taunt shenanigans are great fun) and makes lots of stars, but he’s reliant on arts chains or arts-led brave chains to build meter unless you stick a Prisma Cosmos on him…which makes it harder for him to make stars. I haven’t quite cracked this nut.

But we’re getting Shiki in a few months, so if you Just Want An Assassin, consider waiting for her.

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Reading what your dirty mind wants to read, eh? :fgo_rinlaugh:

You can read that as battery-with-drain. Latin speakers of old would probably have a good chuckle, too:rofl:


I think it’s the Spinal Fluids people usually have a hard time with. She needs 180 to max everything.

C’mon, of anything Chashan has said, this one actually makes sense.

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Was more thinking of her needs for ascension + 6/6/6, since that’s as far as I raised her.

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Erm… Thanks… Wait haha waiting is killing me like tge upciming merljn banner

So Carmilla doesn’t have a bond 10 H-scene then? :fgo_dshy:


don’t believe everything you read


If this was actually a thing (considering the origins of the franchise…), it would be absolutely hilarious.


Doesn’t everybody?

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Disregarding her own damage, Wu’s burst enabling potential is actually tremendous if you think about it. +20% party attack up for 3 turns on 5 cooldown, +20% party quick up (same), -20% enemy defense (same), and another +20% party quick from Bond CE. Those are some pretty crazy buffs when stacked, so she has definite plugsuit potential with Skadi teams.


Teah ill think about that

I think all these comments are on point. She stands apart from all the other Assassin options by her damage and Quick Support, and unlike Emiya (who isn’t so bad) doesn’t suffer too much from the KnK rerun (where people can get their own Shiki who wipes the floor with most Assassins and eventually get an NP Upgrade to boot).

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