Astolfo and Skadi are Doing Work

I just want to encourage folks to work Astolfo into their farming rotation. There are several nodes where the first wave doesn’t have 3 mobs, and the second wave may not either. (Looking at Dragon Fangs). Farming with my Parvati becomes sub optimal as she doesn’t get the refund. I’ve been able to move through just as quickly having Arash clear wave one, Astolfo self charge for wave two, and Skadi charge for Wave 3. My Astolfo at NP3 with double Skadi Quick buffs can hit 130K neutral damage per enemy (other elements in place will vary).

I know Astolfo is already on the Tier list, so this isn’t news. But:
1.) Can Astolfo get too much love? No. No they cannot.
2.) I hope people will explore with more servants and not just the T1-2 bunch.


Way ahead of you.


Astolfo is on my short list to finish ascending. He gets overlooked even now since he isn’t a top refunder, but big batteries work wonders, especially when refunding is less effective due to enemy number and type.

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Skadi came along with my third copy of Astolfo. Achilles may be hot strong or whatever. But I see this as a sign. And the video above only proves it further.
Good ol’ Apocrypha cutie already was go-to AoE Rider. And, apparently, will continue to be 'til the end of the game, thanks to a certain fairy godmother.

Edit: It may not be looping, but hey 3 Turns is 3 Turns


Fortunately for me, I managed to be spooked by astolfo while rolling for skadi, and have every intention of leveling him.
Unfortunately, he’s getting put on the back burner in favor of raising some of my casters up.

I’d love to welcome Best Apocrypha Boy to my Chaldea! He manages to salvage Apocrypha from Cardboard-kun, and was just a joy to have onscreen. Already have Mordred, the Best Apocrypha Girl, so he would complete my collection!

Oh, and I guess he’s pretty mechanically useful, too.


I recently got mine but since he’s just NP1 i haven’t even bothered trying him with double skadi, i’ll keep him in mind in case he spooks me again though.

For now i’ll just use him for fun sometimes.

I leveled Marie for future door farming when Mordred hits bond 10, ■■■■ me right? :smiley: But I think I’ll need to think of something else since even though she can refund, Skadis in my FL have Lunchtime equipped and I need Mona Lisa.

“sometimes it takes a man to become best girl” - gigguk

I do like my trap, even though he spooked me on surfmo’s banner. Still don’t have skadi, but one skadi has raised Parvati from a great servant to an amazing servant… I’m drooling over the goddessly possibilities of double skadi. So when I get around to it (new atalante needs fangs…) I’m definitely looking forward to the improvements I’ll see in astolfo.


I’ve thought about shifting ML to Skadi, but I’m looking to prioritize the extra handful of bond points over the extra handful of QP since I’ll want Skadi’s bond CE in the near future and will get more QP than I could ever use (before my mats run out…) when lottery hits. I think some other players are in the same boat, so I just leave mine alone.

I’ve been looking for ML on Skadi as well, but in the end, bond takes longer to accumulate than QP, and translates directly into quartz, so meh. After your first couple lottos, and once you have a stable roster, QP isn’t that pressing a priority, anyways.


Yeah, I haven’t significantly used my mona lisa since the 1/2 ap qp between nerofest and Christmas. Had trouble staying below 500mil qp for any length of time. I even specifically did not equip it during Apocrypha because I was worried about reaching the cap. Turns out I got enough spooks that I could have dealt with it, but maybe not at Gilfest.

But my ozy holding mona lisa has been getting some nice exercise this week, so Fionn’s sacrifice has not been in vain.

Oh, I’m always using my ML when I farm for QP but on doors I always pick the support with MLB Mona Lisa equipped to get that extra 10%. Since I’m always raising levels and skills for servants the lotto isn’t enough for me because my luck with CE drops is kinda trash so I never hit that efficient farming curve fast enough so it’s a strain to go over 100 boxes.

I’ve never rolled for Astolfo, but this was my first SR rider. I still don’t have a SSR rider, but I’ve just never felt the need to roll for one either. Astolfo’s performance has always been great for me. The new 5*CE that gives a 60% charge, extra crit, and star gather has improved performance even more. Plus, I loved the character from the anime.

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I’m still about 1400 MP away from being able to MLB my ML. It has taken all of my discipline to be a good friend and not put my currently unbroken ML on my support rider.

Ganbatte! Gilfest is coming to fix your mp needs if summer events don’t fix it first.

That’s my hope. But then I have the long journey to getting CLT MLB. (Cries in MP)

I don’t think everyone will only explore T1-T2 characters. Part of the fun of the game (for me at least) is using every servant, trying to find perfect combinations of servants and mystic code and CE’s. In my opinion, Astolfo already has a pretty big following just from his character alone, so some people using him in their formation isn’t really surprising

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