Astra Mythic Opinion

So, now that we know who the Mythic is and they’re not Astra :feh_elisad:

How do you guys run your Astra mythics? Do you use Two Altinas or Altina and Naga?

I’ve been considering pulling for another Altina to get that extra Atk buff but I have a few merges on Naga.

Also, Im trying to build a Galeforce astra team since I struggle a bit in Astra as it is.



Is she were an Astra mythic, I’d be going nuts because of her galeforce potential. Miracle weapon and slaying helps getting into WoM and proccing galeforce respectively, and targetting res most of the time means pesky high defense units can get shredded.


I’ve been using 2 Nagas or Naga and Altina. I would only use 2 Altina if I liked vantage strats, which I don’t so tanking/stat buffering is what I do on Astra. No Brammimonds demanding 1v1s.

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Naga is… decent for Divine Fang because Duma exists. She’s also fairly bulky all-around for chill soaking and helps tanks well.

Altina has galeforce potential, but taking quickened pulse means you’re forced to have slaying effects as much as possible for consistency. More merges increases her ability to vantage tank though, which gets good with enough support from fliers.

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I run Naga (Neutral,+0) and Altina (+Atk,+2). I would not run two Altinas because I value Divine Fang to counter dragons. I have never pulled for Altina on purpose because red hell is a thing. So just watch out for your orbs if pulling for her :vulcan_salute:

Major… bolt tower weakness?

I generally run a W.I.P. team, of course I’d need a green unit, merges on my units and all, but in Astra I generally perform worse than light season:

I only have Eir and Anna as bonuses, but seeing that replacing the former’s NY version with OG doesn’t increase my scoring bin and I don’t invest on the latter, might as well use a team that normally scores a little less but does the job better:

Now… why [Hardy Bearing 3] on Sonya? Kagero is supporting Sonya and the former has [Infantry Rush 3], this combo allows me to safely check [Vantage] users.
It’s a new something I’m trying on this season since this is the highest score I can do with Astra element

Hmm, I see.

If you’re not saving for anyone you coukd use the slight boost in attack, though it’s not necessary it’s a welcome extra in some cases, specially if you’ll build a [Galeforce] user that’ll rely on [Heavy Blade] seal.

A team with [Galeforce] users could work :feh_eirikathink:


I just use two Altina because I don’t have a Naga lol

I use naga and altina, both at one merge. Naga is good for helping to dealing with dragons but the second a new astra gets released and I get them naga is gonna be dropped


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I don’t.

Light is superior.

(I have nothing Astra set up so I light everything.)


Wrong thread?

These guys wouldn’t work well with astra mythics, but would work with light better because their lustrous beauty will get multiplied thousandfold to the point that they effectively carry Flash+ effects and turns the attacker’s screen into plain, blinding white light creating free wins.