Astra tank/sweeper recommendations?

Now that I have +10 matthew, I want to work on a new tank for astra season. I’ve been using Kagero with only a few merges, but I’m not that impressed with her - her low hp stat makes her a lot more difficult to use. Was thinking of going with Sothe, but I don’t have enough merges nor do I have Broadleaf Fan+ so that’s probably out of the question. Besides Sothe, I could go for Kronya since she does have a good HP stat, but I am worried about her attack stat.

Alternatively, I can investigate bows or other units. I sort of like daggers a lot.

Maybe I just need some insight into Kagero. The reason I like her is that she has a high attack and high res, which is good in astra in theory. Kronya is not too far behind though and her HP stat and higher bst in general sort of makes Kagero look a little bad now. Wish her attack was a little higher though.



Could my Nino work as a sweeper? I’m curious if people have tried this at high ranks. Would certainly be easier to invest due to existing merges. I know her attack can get a lot higher than Kagero’s, which makes HP less relevant. Worried a bit about panic, but i can bring a team member to solve that I guess.

Looks like high-rank AR topics have difficulty getting replies these days.

I’ve been thinking about Nino for a long time for astra season. If Tharja works on light season I see no reason why Nino doesn’t work on astra. They both have neutral atk IVs in the low-to-mid 30s before merges and DFs; they have defenses in the low-to-mid 20s; most importantly, they use blade tomes. Panic manors are always going to be a deterrent for blade tomes, but in my experience of trying to build defense teams that can crack omnitanks, it’s very hard to defend a panic manor and also a healing tower, and failing to protect the healing tower can make the team a lot more vulnerable to vantage all-ins.

@My_Dude and @Dan are merging Kronya and liking the results; if I’m not mistaken they both go spiral + glimmer. If you have a broadleaf fan to fodder I still find hard to believe that Kronya can outperform that weapon with a spiral, but you don’t have one so I guess we don’t need to explore that option.

Also, if I’m not mistaken they depend on their bolt towers. I don’t use offensive bolt tower because it’s risky for my style of galeforce, so I lean towards Nino or some broadleaf fan over Kronya. But if bolt tower is not incompatible with your current strategies then you can definitely consider it.


Astra tanks are harder to make than Light tanks because most defense teams are magic heavy

But for Vantage I use Ares and I’ve been experimenting with Celica (it’s not going too great, but I’m still not used to her). Nino sounds like she can be pretty good. Like you and Seeker also pointed out, Kronya is a common one who can function well in either season.


With her low hp, I’m not sold on the idea of making her tank. I’ve used her myself though I’m definitely in a lower tier than you, but from what I can tell she’s very all-or-nothing. I’ve yet to experiment using Miracle on her instead of glimmer, but so far I’ve had to rely a lot on a bolt tower, lightning trap, or some retaliation from the opponent to get her to vantage range. I agree that Kagero’s biggest weakness is her hp which makes panic manors (when running buffs) and tactics rooms a pain to deal with.

Panic will always be a problem for blade tomes, I’d agree. The thing that hurts is that it doesn’t have to be a panic manor, there are a handful sources of panic that can be used like staves. It’s probably not a very good argument though because the presence of a staff unit with dazzling usually means vantage is unusable.


Vantage wise, build Nino as she already had quite a number of merges. Find one that is +ATK and go for it.

Tank wise, I think Libra is probably one of the best tanks in Astra. He has naturally high RES, and when combined with the new Brave Lucina, could activate Sol in a rather consistent manner. If you do not have Brave Lucina, then going with Noontime instead is fine.


I really wish I had broadleaf fan+. I’d go that route in a heartbeat in all honestly, just because I already understand that playstyle extremely well and I wouldn’t have to do very much to transition from season to season. It’s a shame that weapon is both red and seasonal locked and not pullable for awhile :(

Kronya sounds okay. I actually already have a bolt tower setup for light with matthew, so Kronya would just fit right in with my investments. I also have both SS and Close Counter fodders ready to go - just need to be sure before I commit. My lewyn is my only copy, but I already got his flowers and feathers, and with 0-merges, he’s a complete wheelchair, even in pve. I don’t even like him as a unit… and that’s painful for me to say since I pretty much like all ranged units, lol. Foddering him off is a pretty easy decision if I need to.

Winter Cecilia sounded like a good option too - I really considered it - but I just don’t want to press ‘end turn’ without any ability to snipe. I’d feel a real loss of control. If someone has a build and comp and does really well with with her, would love to hear about it. I have the likely fodder for her as well.

I’ve been thinking hard about it, and it really sounds like my options are Kronya and/or Nino.


Libra is a cool option too, and nice build! I don’t have any more Nailah fodders though. I do have Brave Lucina though.

I wish I could see some vids of people using Nino at very high levels. I only have 1 CC left… don’t want to waste it since it may be awhile before I get more. Nino would be really neat if she worked because I absolutely love her character, but winning is admittedly more important, haha.

It’s really look like I’m going to have to go with Kronya honestly. It’s the safe choice. I know she can work - just gotta be careful with calcs.

I don’t regret my Kagero investments. She’s remarkably a great pve unit. Astonishingly good at various maps.

I’ve been using Winter Cecilia since the start of my T21 (and it’s my 13th week with a red chair). She’s been working really well and I actually do better in Astra seasons as most people have lower mergers with Naga than Eir.

Her build:

I usually don’t find it too hard to snipe the major threats as I would wait until the third turn for the bolt tower to chip 25 damage, and then just smite her in with a Naga. There’re very few units that are threatening to Cecilia and hard to take out with that 25 damage. Her atk range definitely makes it easier to snipe compared to melee units with better movement.

This season I do notice more B!Micaiah on the defense teams and it’s been a bit more tricky to use Winter Cecilia, so I guess we’ll see if she’s the new meta or she’ll just vanish after her bonus season.

I hope it helps!


If you’re OK with skipping NCD, dull ranged is also pretty good. You’ll run into a blade tome here or there, and it’s always good to block any buffs L.Alm might have.

I tend to go for hack-o-lantern, actually. Stop the bold fighter specials, tighten up against Blazing Durandal galeforce, also adds a bit of protection if you can’t one-round L.Alm on counterattacks. You don’t want him charging a lunar flash.


HP and durability should hardly be a concern for these units, assuming they have something like Desperation.

You can’t really use Desperation in AR the way we are talking about these units.


I’ve been trying out B!Ike this week, and I have mixed feelings. Sometimes he’s good, sometimes it’s just too much to tank, even with B!Lucina support, and she runs double Drive Res. Hardy Bearing absolutely destroys him, and I lost to a flier ball containing Hardy Bearing Aversa today (I was especially salty since it was a rematch against a guy who hit me with -80).

I think he could still work, but it’ll take awhile to master him, just like any other unit. But finding a reliable Astra tank has proven to be a very difficult task


Well, for starters, shouldn’t you be using naturally high res tanks for astra? I bet B!Ike will have a better time in light because of more visible res.

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With SS, Drive Res, and his refine, he can tank a good number of hits even with his mediocre res stat. He’d have a better time in Light, but that can be said about plenty of heroes tbh. Astra is harder to build for in general, especially since Naga herself is pretty bad for a unit you’re forced to bring 2 of. I think one problem is letting fast Hardy Bearing mages double him, so I may come up with a way to boost his speed to avoid that. Not too high, just maybe up to upper-mid 30s with some Drive Spd support. That way Aversa doesn’t get the double.

Actually for now she still probably does because bonus season, but you get the idea.


Ja I cannot recommend B.Ike without res blessings, mainly due to Ophelia but hardy bearing Aversa is also a potential issue.


Yeah, figured it was worth a shot to at least attempt it. I kinda want to try Felicia as an Astra tank, but I’m very limited on Close Counter fodder so I’m very reluctant to pull the trigger. Plus I’m not sure how I’d build her.

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Does desperation only work when you initiate? Before kronya it was impossible to have vantage and desperation at the same time, if they both worked together it would be ridiculous so I’m guessing they don’t work together.

Desperation only works when you initiate

If it didn’t I’d have used this with Summer Camilla a long time ago lol

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well, there were the desperation weapons and daggers actually had this before Kronya, but to the best of my knowledge atk is an issue if you don’t go spiral.

But no, she doesn’t vantage-counterattack twice like Keaton or Reinhardt