Astraea NP damage

If a player wants to use Astraea as a DPS, what should be in your opinion the minimum NP level she should have?

Mine is NP2, so i guess that it would be ok only after her NP upgrade.

You who have her already at higher NP levels, how does her damage scales with more copyes?

Is there a significant difference between NP2 → NP5 or her breakpoint is simply from NP1 to NP2 ?


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Oh, i’m curious now. I guess he has Astraea NP5 ?


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TL;DR: NP3+4+5 is only a 16.6% damage increase post-buff.

My Astraea is NP5 and is fine right now. Your Astraea would hit the same as mine does atm except with Castoria ergo harder faster.

She’s been fine with a superscope when I use her, which I’ve done when using 2x Tama and others, wanting a quick start to her engine. With Castoria she always has BG.

The value increase of NP levels is flat, so the scaling per NP level post-buff is worse.

450-750, a 66% increase.
600-900, a 50% increase.
That initial plus 150 from NP1 to 2 remains the same, but everyone has +150 to the base multiplier from NP1 from the strengthening.

NP3 is +75. NP4 and 5 are +37.5 each. This remains the same post-buff. So NP3-5 is 1/3 buff to total damage vs the strengthening and NP1->NP2.

In other words:
Strengthening = +150 to NP multiplier, 1/3 of current NP1 damage
NP2 = the same
NP3+4+5 combined= the same


True, because post NP Strenghtening her NP2 multiplyer is the same of her current NP5 multiplyer.

From what you wrote, it seems to me that maybe NP3 might have a small value, with that +75%. Instead, going for NP4-5 seems to me more like something one should reach if he/she really likes her. Not a big damage increase compared to the potential high number of SQZ needed to roll twice a SR.

NP3 might be, in short, a good target to reach and settle at even if probably it does not really justify the potential SQZ expense unless you really like her.

Else, NP2 is already more than enough. NP4-5 is mostly for love. Have i gotten this right?

NP2 is a good starting point, however she will struggle against enemies that do not have evil trait that she can exploit with her NP. That being said, Astraea’s face cards pack quite the punch so even if you can’t finish the enemy after NP, her face cards will likely finish them off. She also has excellent NP gain so in a situation where the enemy will live after NP brave chain, more likely than not, Astraea will be ready for another suplex.

I use a Lv40 NP2 occasionally, and fondly recall 3T’ing the Amazoness CQ with her using BG - [FGO TA] Lv40 NP2 Astraea 3T - Until That Person’s Defeated - CQ - YouTube

If you wish to check it out

I have her at NP5 Lv100-102. She will be the first servant I take to 120 and she has done every single high difficulty quest that has released between Case Files - now, except for 2 CQ’s.

  • Valentine’s 2022 CQ (needed Castoria or NP buff)

  • SW2 CQ

Those have been her only hurdles.

I use Astraea for everything, neutral, counter class (avenger CQ enemy when?), front line only , no ce, with and without arts support, alternative supports like Murasaki, Da Vinci rider , Roma, etc…

The main difference between mine and yours is that my NP5 2K & Lv100 Luvia will have an easier time with enemies without a trait to exploit, that’s pretty much it.

Having Castoria will greatly increase her damage.

CE wise, Demonic Sun Princess is the best F2P choice for her atm.

Gacha CE’s I use with her are; MLB Mark on a smiling face/Black Grail/ Kaleidoscope.

Note they’re all mlb but that doesn’t mean you can’t get usage out of a non mlb BG / Scope.



Everything above NP2 has diminishing returns, yes. NP3 has half the value of 2, and 4-5 have half the value of 3.

So yes you have to decide where your value per NP level cut off point is. NP5 is very much a chase, and it can cost you a lot of SQ for small actual boost.

I’ve acquired some NP dupes that were not worth the SQ relative to the first or second pull cost before. Of course, luck is a thing so stick to a SQ budget unless you have the means to not regret bad life choices.

Astraea hits neutral so atm she wants more NP levels to really put the hurt down. But with a BG and Castoria(+a combination of Waver/Tama/Sherlock or similar) you will easily reach unga bunga at NP2 come December. I would only go above if you actually like her.


I’d like to add to this…

I’d say NP3 is the best middle ground if you simply wish to own and use her regularly with Castoria.

Even with the content on JP, story chapters included; NP5 is not necessary unless you have something specific you wish to do.

I’m not saying that you will be able to do everything I do with my Astraea because that is false. You will be able to do many of the clears I do with my Astraea but you won’t be able to do everything even if they had the same grail and fou investment. The NP level does make a difference, before and after her buff.

However despite all of this, Astraea will serve any roster well with very little effort.

Having access to DSP MLB and a singular BG will go a very long way.

Also in the case you don’t summon Castoria, this doesn’t render Astraea null. There are a plethora of ways to use and set her up.

Edit: To clarify, I’m not stating that you, yourself @Cards can’t replicate what I do with my Astraea since ours are relatively close in comparison, but rather one that is under NP5


This is a serious dedication to a character, congratulations. You must really like her.

But yours and Cards words both comfort me, because it seems that even at NP2 she will be good enough.

I like her so it would have saddened me if her NP2 would have been to low of a level.

After a quick check, i have all of them save of Mark on a smiling face.

That can be done, i am only lacking Castoria but i’m sure i’ll find plenty of friends with her in my friendlist. And the fact that Astraea is Art is good, because while i have the other Art Supports (Waver / Tamamo) i completely lack i Buster (Merlin) and Quick (Skadi) supports.

So, i can borrow a Castoria and use my supports to complete the party composition.

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Well yeah, she isn’t out yet!

But i am not planning to roll for her, so i can assure you that my statement is true :slightly_smiling_face:

Cries in NP1 Astraea, NP3 Reines


Erm… even my YouTube channel became a Astraea channel.

“Like” is an understatement.

I LOVE Astraea and her VA is always remarkable :fgo_ohoho:

My goal is to become the go-to channel for Astraea content among the NA server.

Definitely know what you mean there, my poor NP1 Skadi-less Kama cries at her wet noodle NP dmg. This won’t be the case for Astraea though. Even if you just use Lanling, Mozart, Chiron etc you’ll be okay assuming you borrowed a Castoria and lack your own (accounting for worse case scenario)

If you have Tamamo & Casgil I recommend grinding for Gil’s and Mozart bond ce as both give np strength. Mozart has higher buff % than Tamamo though only for 1T but if you time your buffs and are trying to get NP strength then this is the most ideal way to.

If you’re starting with K scope , field Tamamo, Mozart and another arts support or Waver. You can get a lot of damage out of just this.

Though this is without me knowing what your support servants are like


Laughs in NP1 Reines, NP3 Astrea.


laughs in Double digit dupes

Ironically she’s going to be on a banner I’m rolling early next year too hopefully I can NP5 my lv40 and still have an additional Lv1 for buff fodder. Her S1 is so strong


I guess I should start using mine more since she’s already 9/9/9. :fgo_bblaugh:


Well, then i have to ask you this: how many SQZ did you spend for her back in her original banner, in order to reach NP5?

how many months have you slowly stored your SQZ, waiting for Astraea?

Well, i can do for Astraea maybe what i do with my Tama Cat? MLB BG on the cat, then on Turn 1 Waver + friendlist Skadi buff the cat + charge her NP to 100%. And then she obliterates (almost) all the enemyes of that wave.

For Astraea it would be different, since she don’t need a Skadi support.

Tamamo NP2 and Waver NP1, both 10/10/10

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I rolled for NP5 Astraea & NP5 Reines however I had severely poor luck. I believe the range was around 1200-1400SQ for just NP1 Reines. I stopped after she was summoned because I didn’t expect to get screwed that bad.

In that rolling session alone I had accumulated enough for 2& half NP5 Astraea’s.

I went in wanting to grail her and Reines. Salt halted the grails for Luvia.

After clearing LB4 with her I felt she deserved the grails , as she had “earned” them and I realized how much I’d use her over other servants i owned.

I took money out of 3 Paycheck’s to afford the rolls comfortably, however I also rolled Waver on the rate up prior to this banner , so a week or 2 before Case Files began.

I rolled a lot last year, more than ever because of how many servants were present that I wanted so I avoid looking at how much I spent as a whole, apologies that the exact number isn’t disclosed.

Yes this works, I actually do this myself for some specific setups. Especially when the def down from Skadi is needed for more leeway on low damage rolls.

The Quick buff from Skadi also nets enough NP gain from her Quick card to refund 100% , otherwise she will refund 96% with NPQA with stars active.

This just gets easier for you then.

Try out DSP Waver, Tamamo 2x , one with bond CE whenever you have a suitable enemy.

Note that Astraea will self refund with her Arts card. So if you can buff her card effectiveness, np strength or crit dmg , seek to do so.