Astral High Mercury Assault advice

Okay so I did my run of the Astral fight. Kinda neat concept of kaiju fights, and I did get a sub 5min run finished!

Anyone who wants help I’ll give some good pointers for this

  1. Stick with Wind, even if your options are poorer in it

I had attempted a Cupid run with Luca and it was unbearably slow. Kitted and everything. Sub 6 minutes. I went with Lin You + 3UB Freyja and a Lv1 WP. Done in 3. If you need help, opt for someone with a Flurry Strength CCA or Dragon Claws CCA.

  1. Dragon Affinity is your friend

Dragon Affinity WPs are amazing here. 3 of them will double the effects of Dragon Bride

You can opt for a fourth one if you don’t have an HDT Res WP ready, but it’s overkill and QotBS is good as a safety net anyway. Flurry buffs and Dragon Damage works best here.

  1. Ranged Combo > Melee Combo, Heal Special > Damage Special

I only mention this because Homing Bubble will ruin your Flurry buffs as Melee, and healing specials are impeccable for topping off. Due to both of these attributes, the best option is more than likely Freyja, though Garuda does good work too if you have her. Otherwise pick someone who’s Skill hits fast (Midgards, Sylvia, Yulong, etc.)

  1. Bait to the left/top left

Just like in pre-2.0, bait Merc to either the left or top left areas to avoid 90% of her attacks.

Good luck and remember that you gotta learn how the fight progresses. If you mess up, give it another go and see how things pan out. You might get further along when you notice when Merc spawns a Homing Bubble or what animation leads to a water shot.


resist works?! thanks, I lose too much time running from homing. only had 1min40 left for my run.
Will need to buy some prints to not rely on hp70.

astral bane does not work though.

It does, but you really shouldn’t be tanking Homing Bubble unless you use a Heal Special dragon. If you need to though, see how much damage it deals to you and see how many you can tank.

Astral’s Bane doesn’t work because there’s a different name for this in Japanese from the one they use for Astral Raids. High Mercury Bane works though.

Also try Dragonyule Xainfried if you still have trouble. He gets two Dragon Claws buffs for the fight

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Homing Bubble will ruin your Flurry buffs as Melee

you really shouldn’t be tanking Homing Bubble unless you use a Heal Special dragon

You shouldn’t just eat the bubble and keep comboing?

haha Midgard Zero go brrr

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I have one but I avoided using a 1UB M0 for a 3UB Freyja since I was more confident in that. M0 would have been next but my attempts with other dragons like Thor really took forever and the amount of punishment for soaking hits aggravated me. Also players are more likely to have an MUB Garuda for this fight thanks to draconic essences

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Yeah, people are more likely to have Garuda/Freya. But I tried a Freya run and got a slower time than yours, the same setup with M0 just destroys her in 1 minute. So if you do have him, he’s good. When she dies that quickly she doesn’t get many chances to attack you :feh_flaynfish:

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M0 ate my sunstone for my upcoming to be sparked gala dragon.

2 more MG54 left, I guess it’s fine if Battle Royal stay its course for next month.

Really really need to catch up on the altar and dracolith tho.
Maybe I should just let it go?

Adventurer is just Hawk atm, or is Tobias better? off color G Euden?

buying one 5 star dragon damage print.
Prayers Unto Him or Bridal Dragon?

They are identical now, but which one have had event bonus that might show up in compendium in the future? Looking at the prints it could be Halloween? Valentine?

I don’t think either of them have event bonuses, the only difference is the pictures. They’re not going to be much use outside of this specific game mode.

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Astral Bane does not work!
High Mercury Res work!

But dumb lil old me did not put two to two together.
FFS, void bow was even 6ub with astral bane…

Finally completed hahaha, good motivation to work on facilities though.


Garuda makes a good learning option in my eyes, as her skill is an attack with a self-heal. Once you get able to avoid attacks, then it’s time for an offensive dragon.