At last, a shiny Aron

I’ll have you know that I finnaly got my hands on a shiny Aron.
It just took me about 1800 encounters… what are the odds?


The odds are 1 in 450 I believe…

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Congratulations- always good when you catch an elusive one. I hope one day to have a shiny Minccino. I have no idea why that one bugs me so much, it’s not a favourite, or of any use, but it does.

I am at 1400 encounters, didn’t see a shiny yet. Good thing is that aron is a must for a CD candidate someday…
Please do not evolve it, never. Aron is amazing, but shiny aggron on the other hand…

I think they had elevated rates in two past events, I caught one each. Luckily. Because I evolved the first one to aggron - and was disappointed