AT LAST, HE IS DONE! (Aka how to throw all your orbs for an outdated unit)

Hello everyones, for thoses who don’t know me for long, I love Hector, he is my favorite lord of the franchise (and the first axe lord!) and I pull for every of his alt.

So when L!Hector was released, It was obvious I would try to +10 him, at his release, he was frankly awesome, sky-high atk, very high def, medium/acceptable res, his prf C slot was really nice and the double deny of his prf was just awesome.

On his release banner (28/06/2018), I had ~450 orbs, and I luckily pulled 5 of him (with one +atk -res) which was awesome.
I was motivated to continue to merges him.

after this one, I pulled in every B8 banner with him with between 200 and 450 orbs, I wasn’t lucky and Didn’t managed to pull one since jun or jully 2019 (didn’t remember). He was +9 before this banner after ~3400orbs, I had 173 orbs for this remix banner, and I was decided to get his last merge!

AND I DID IT GOD DAMMIT! After ~140orbs he came home!

He is now my 2nd 5* exclusive +10 (the first being B!Hector) and even if he is outdated and powercreeped (and by a lot of armored units) I still use him almost everywhere and he still hold his ground somehow.

So now I’ll just show his 3 most used builds and BE DONE, I was planning a longer post but my PC screwed me (god damn you!) and teased by prematuring releasing the post!

Classic build but still work very fine! vengeful fighter might be old but I need the cd acceleration so much…

AR-O build (with B!Hector) for armored galeforce, might swap his C slot because It’s kind of wasted on B!Hector, but still works fine, a shame he can’t get the mythics buff outside of fire season…

PVE galeforce /mixed phase, still pack quite the punch

That’s all, it was just me sharing my joy to finally finish one LONG merges project (almost 3 years!) now I just need to wait for his refine to bring him on par with B!Hector :feh_rein: and his remix (hopefully it’ll bring his C slot some awesomeness and a shiny new OP skill)

Ps : I’m F2P BTW



But yay :tada: after so long I’m really happy to hear it. Must feel like a weight was lifted off your shoulders now eh?



You can’t be more right. One thing done, one orb sink done too! Time to spend orbs elsewhere!


Congrats on the LHector!

He’s an oldy but still a goodie, plus he has one of my favorite Special arts in the game!
A good +10 to have


Congrats! You have immaculate taste in lords :feh_navarreculture:

I also finished one of my projects with my banner and here I was thinking ~2.6k orbs total to finish my project was a lot :feh_dozlashock: But 3,540 orbs to finish a unit sounds like pure hell and I’m sorry FEH put you through that. :feh_elisad: But congrats for finally finishing him! :feh_hector:


Congrats I also tried to get Hector merges, mine is +def -atk, i need like 5 orbs for the spark and i will get him, his art and stats are amazing and he is my favorite lord in the franchise.


This Legendary Remix has really been wonderful for finishing long-time favorites. Nice to see another one added to the mix. It’s a shame he didn’t get his kit upgrade right away. Judging by the calendar, I hope it isn’t the 7 month wait it looks like


Thanks everyones.
I seriously hope IS will start giving refine to old legendary because remix can give them a bit of help but nowhere near what a good refine can be, and even if somes legendary prf skill are upgraded, for somes legendary I don’t know how it’ll help them to become stronger if they stay near the base effect…

Like L!Ephraim… his only niche atm is as a galeforcer, so solar brace is useless because his special doesn’t trigger in fight… and even if they make him trigger with before/after fight special, as a galeforcer he want to be <50% health for triggering WoM so…
L!Lyn is a tricky one too.

And for L!Hector, I can see IS make Ostia’s pulse triggering every turn for L!Hector and his allies (regardless of the number of mvt) but that won’t help L!Hector that much, it’ll help sure, but that won’t help for multiples baiting in one turn like a slaying effect or the likes…


Wow congrats! :partying_face:
All FTP orbs too, what a great achievement.
He looks wonderful :feh_nini:
The dedication that something like takes is very commendable :feh_birbpeek:



Now imagine him with a refine like B!Hector :feh_rein:
Auto follow-up deny if one ally within 2spaces, -6atk/def, neutralize penalty, neutralize armored weakness, double if hp >25% AND slaying effect :drooling_face:
But I can still hope…


1 broken Hector? :feh_maethink:
2 broken Hectors! :feh_hector:


I assume everything : I want every alt of Hector to be broken/cancer AF!
Because I like him, and armored can’t get nul c-diruspt so it’s still possible to chip them away


I dont see a Brave Axe + Bold Fighter build
Flagged the thread and called the police


That’s my main H!Dorcas build so… even if L!Hector is +10 I don’t use brave axe that much on him…
Might give him a plegian axe maybe.


I’m trying to get an outdated unit as well in Karel, so far +5. Good job getting him, may his buffs be Generous in the future


You are a model for everyone to follow!
Hope to learn to save like you did someday :feh_hridexcited:


Alright, I cannot describe in words how much respect I have for you. All those temptations to fodder him off for the DC?!

guurllll… you did that.


May I see what build do you have in mind? :feh_ashepeek:


Replace Moonbow with noontime for more sustain.
I could also change to NFU to negate Follow up prevention for a Guanteed 25 true damage on initiation.


That’s a nice Karel you got here!
And why IS would release solo tier 4 who give only +2 stats in total compared to tier 3…
Thanks to his high HP he is indeed a very good user of DR B slot!