At long last, he is Chrom-plete

He is my favorite character, my first to +10, the only character who convinced me to spend money on this game for his resplendent and, thanks to this L/M banner (aka B!Marth) finally, finally, OG Chrom is complete!

It may be a bit basic but I don’t care. His speed is more than workable thanks to that killer sealed falchion refine, which pairs perfectly with Distant Pressure’s recoil damage (and his HP stat is massive so the damage is more or less negligible), and tbh it just looks cool having all those expensive skills on him :feh_lucyshrug: also, thank god for those ascended traits, since I’ve never been able to grab a +spd copy of him, believe it or not.

The only thing he’s missing now is my summoner support, but unfortunately B!Alm needs it too so these two are gonna have to duke it out for that lol.

Anyways, i just wanted to show off my boy :) If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! And Happy Holidays!