At long last, I finally completed Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones!

I finally got around to completing this on my 3DS! Now I have completed 2 different Fire Emblem games!

The Sacred Stones was very fun to play through. I really enjoyed the sprite-work and I LOVED the music that the game had to offer! I did also enjoy the characters since lots of them were good fun.

I’m also going to show my favourite units stats when they were on the final chapter (I may have done a bit too much grinding for these guys):

Now I should maybe think of what Fire Emblem game to play through next!


Next fire emblem?
Tear ring Saga… :feh_flaynsmile:


Fun fact: If you play the game a second time, Ross, Amelia and Ewan can keep their trainee class when changing classes. They might not look as powerful as their upgraded classes, but their luck skyrockets!

Now play Blazing Blade :feh_flaynsmile:


Those top 3 and the one at the at the bottom are blessed :eyes:

SS was a great game. Wonderful cast overall. Who was your favorite character?

I still need to finish my run of Ephraim’s route


Eh, the only “Super Trainee” class that’s somewhat better than their other classes (except for the memes) is Amelia’s, which is basically a lance version of the Swordmaster class, and even then she loses high mobility. Ross’ is just outright inferior to Berserker, and Ewan’s loses utility in exchange for all three magic types which is not that spectacular.


Nice! :feh_hridexcited: Sacred Stones is my favourite FE game, its cast is just too good. There’s probably only a couple characters I didn’t like from the cast, and I loved the rest of them.


It’s difficult to say which characters I like the most since i do like a lot of them, but I did very much like L’Arachel and Dozla. They were such goofballs and they were very fun!

I also did like all the trainee units. Amelia, Ross and Ewan are all super adorable and wholesome.

If we exclude Dragon bias (since I REALLY like dragons), I also really like Myrrh. She really did feel like part of the main cast since she got involved a good amount in the story.

Oh, and I did like Joshua as well! It was quite the surprise seeing all his backstory and his past!

I haven’t done a play through of Ephraims route yet, so I might do that at some point. That way, I can try using characters that I didn’t use in my first play through.


@Based :feh_kleinyes:

Congrats for finishing the game! That Amelia looks really strong :fgo_buster:.

Cam mentioned TearRing Saga and I can actually recommend it :feh_legion: it’s not an official FE per se, but the OG creator of the series, Shouzou Kaga, did direct them (or is closely involved to the games).
TRS is a small series comprised of two games for the Sony consoles.
I started to play the second game not long ago, it’s like this:

But the first one is much more akin to an actual FE

Based :ok_hand:

but yeah try TRS, it’s a really good game ( my favorite tbh )
the second game got translated pretty recently so it’s even better.




So with this TRS game, what is it available on?

I have limited options when it comes to playing other Fire Emblem or Fire Emblem-like games.
I do have many consoles so gameS like Awakening, Fates and 3H are playable, but I don’t have a laptop or a reliable PC that could run emulation (and emulations are an entirely different can of worms).


Oh, I should’ve mentioned that the TRS series are Japan-only games so your best bet is to play the games via emulator.
The first one can be run via ePSXe (Sony PSX emulator) while the second one via PCSX2 (Sony PS2 emulator) — there are emulators where I’ve tested the games but there are other options — I can’t share the ISOs but they shouldn’t be hard to find.

The PS2 games are harder to emulate overall so you might not have luck unless you have one of the latest phones :feh_eirikathink: but ePSXe (and even other emulators) are available for Android and ePSXe runs really well because PSX emulation isn’t that demanding (can attest since I tested TRS1 on an Asus ME172V, a low budget tablet)


I’ll probably have to look quite deeply into these emulator things once I get a laptop for myself.

Unfortunately though, I’m not a techno-wizard when it comes to emulators so lots of it will likely get me muddled up. But I’ll try to have a look into it!


That’s alright, although you can get the APKs for the emulators (unless you use an Apple device where they don’t allow emulators).
And if you ever need help with emulation you can just @ me and/or make a thread! I’m pretty sure someone from our community can help setting things up :feh_birbpeek:


That reassuring to hear!

I should be able to get a gaming laptop for myself soon (I think it was a G3 15 laptop I had in mind since it’s cheaper but still functions well), and once I’ve gotten used to it, then I can consider the emulators! :feh_birbpeek:


I’ve been procrastinating finishing my playthrough for the longest time :feh_elisad:


Oh, I’ve been checking the specs for that one and it seems quite good to go.
If this helps I was able to run PS2 and 3DS games fluently on a PC with these specs, it more or less has the same specs as the laptop you have in mind:



While these are a bit difficult for me to understand, I’ll keep these saved so that they may help me in the future when I have more of a firm grasp and have more knowledge about these emulators.

Very much appreciated!


Personally I’ve been getting strategy fix right now from replaying the Valkyria Chronicles series(1 and 4 specifically since they’re the only 2 I own, and both are available on the Switch).

The battle system/gameplay can be quite odd when starting out. But can be quite satisfying when you understand how it works!

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