At the current pace - we're not getting Shiny Raikou are we..?

Instinct at 8.64M tasks of 15M…

We’re almost 3/4 of the way through the event, and they’re not even at 60% of the goal.

Really hope Instinct can pick it up a lot. On the bright side, Sunday is the last day. Now to be entirely fair, Thursday and Friday got a lot less done than today… and I believe some countries like Singapore only get Sundays off work?

So hopefully Instinct can get those 6.4M more research tasks done on the last day…

There’s a possibility it’s been extended due to weather conditions at Go Fest which has caused the area to be evacuated. Niantic support did say “The event will be extended”, which could apply to the worldwide efforts too.

Even if it fails though, I have a feeling they’ll fudge the numbers, like they’ve done before. I’m pretty sure Raikou raid day will happen one way or another.

Do we know they fudged the numbers before?

I’ve heard it claimed, but how could we know for sure? For example, if we were to make it this time on the merit of many countries putting in work tomorrow - I think a lot of people wouldn’t believe it since instinct was so far off pace (so we’d accuse them of fudging it even if the players just really stepped it up).

Blue here, but I’m just playing for the 75k bonus stardust, two of my research tasks are hatch 5 eggs for 3 RC…I have 9 10k eggs, only have infinite going.

In all honesty, I think one of two things will happen.

  1. The numbers pick up tomorrow and we hit the goal, or we hit it over the next couple days if indeed they extend the event.

  2. Niantic “fixes” the numbers so we hit the goal, even if, realistically, we came up short. Special raid events with shinies make Niantic quite a bit of money. There’s no way they’d want us to miss out on a reward that makes them money.

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They definitely have. I remember seeing videos from the first Go Fest where they accidentally showed themselves changing the totals on the big screen mid event.

i think those numbers are fixed since the beggining. Are they telling me that there arent 1 million worldwide yellow players and each one of them don’t do 1 mision per day?

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That could just mean they never bothered programming it to update automatically. Admittedly not a hard task, especially for a company with an app this size, however it wouldn’t be unreasonable given how infrequently they provide this sort of update…

Same exact thing happened last year around the same time… Niantic isn’t throwing away the millions that a Raikou raid day will generate much less the ten of millions that The Gobal Bonus makes

This doesn’t look that bad. I could play some yellow stuff tomorrow, but maybe just 8-10…still have to get to 50k.

This is looking much better than the 8.64M for yellow I saw earlier today. If they got a little over 2M in just a few hours, I’m optimistic they can get 4.2M tomorrow with the full day.

Whichever challenge week each color has to get 25 million, that might be too much, even with some extra days. Two really bad tasks I saw today: catch a ditto and get 10 yellow balls; hatch 3 eggs and get 9 regular razz berries.

Not true.

The yellows here are too busy cheating in gyms. /s

The tasks don’t take into account how many players each team has, so of course, Instinct will be behind. The task after all demands that they nearly do double the work that Mystic has to do since they have way fewer players. So no amount of whining online from the other teams and posting the same regurgitated memes will change this (I do miss the actually funny memes regarding spark/instinct though, pity that all that seemed to survive since then the banana Simpsons meme. rip creativity I guess).

People also forget that most casual players aren’t that up to date with this and won’t get out of their way to do tasks, which as of now aren’t that rewarding for the most part. Heck, a lot of casual players don’t even know what are the rewards for most tasks.
I have my daily walk through the town and check all tasks. I do those that have good rewards and aren’t too time-consuming/achievable without cluttering the task space. Depending on what each day has to offer I do 20-50 tasks. I know that most people don’t bother with this. Most just search for some specific tasks or just make sure that they do one for the stamp and then ignore what they already completed.

That being said… Considering how marketing with unlocking awards goes I highly doubt that the goal won’t be reached…
And yes, this is hardly a conspiracy, unlike what I’ve seen written by some online, that Niantic wants to force others to switch to Instinct. Sure, that’s ToTaLLy the intent.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not meaning to call out instinct players. I know they have it way harder since there are so many fewer.

I just specified them because they’re the team not likely to make it.

I personally have only done 1 task per day. I was sitting on two hatch 5 for 3 rare candy quests so I wasn’t gunning for quests. That’s part of why I checked, if Valor wasn’t on track I would try going out and getting those eggs hatched and doing a bunch of research today. Of course, Valor is finished - so I don’t need to (but I probably will anyways, since I’m out of poke/great balls and want to replace those egg spaces now so I can open some gifts).

If even they don’t outright modify the final values, I can see them being a bit creative with the result.

It’s been stated that this is Spark’s Challenge, so I wouldn’t be surprised that if Instinct is a little way off the target “he” will deem it complete by the other teams making up the slack or something.

They’ve just released an update (probably the last one before the end) and Instinct are 1.3 million short of the target. Seems fairly feasible.

Is 6 rare candy worth tying up your research slots for almost a week or more? Even ignoring the global challenge, I would have dropped those quests immediately.

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I’m blue. 1 of those Hatch 5 eggs was 4 eggs completed. I have a 10k in the infinite now and I’m hatching bc the 50k distance is just enough for me to get it done. Spun another egg with most recent open one and it is a 2k. None of these other tasks are interesting in any way for me. Correct me if I didn’t see/hear about a shiny golden ticket research task.

Well, this just came out. Apparently, Team Instinct made it and all tasks are done, (I think Niantic fixed the numbers, but) so we’ll have all that juicy bonuses from June 18th to June 25th and the Raikou Raids in the future.