At what point did you realize how valuable QP and Mats are?

Mine was when I first got J’alter and decided to 10/10/10 her and grail to 100 like everyone else. I only got to about 8/7/8 when I realized I was out of QP and mats.

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Not sure myself, but it wasn’t until after Epic of Remnant began and I started acquiring more and more high rarity servants.

Oh, how I miss the sweet days of blissful ignorance where I thought I could never POSSIBLY run out of QP… :fgo_deadinside:


Trying to 10/10/10 Mash and Euryale pre-London, trying to 100 OG Jeanne around KnK IIRC. Those were the big ones.

Having to split resources between various highly-liked units like Carmilla and Nyanta and Altera, tbh trying to speedrun max ascending a bunch of bronzes some months in was a frustrating eye-opener.

What? The absolute madlad. I didn’t even know what a CE was until Okeanos, let alone what lores did.

I’ll never forget buying the lore from the Honnouji shop only because it looked cool.


When i got my 3rd ssr and wanted to level her up lol


One day I will


It’s something what “dang cute” can do for interest in mechanics After that just “Okay now how does the cute become strong as possible?” heh.

It’s true, they do look flippin’ cool.

QP didn’t hit me hard until i realized there were feasible ways to get the basic class gems, especially Nerofest while it was around. Then mat hell hit me but QP hell hit me hardest.

Mats: Really early on. Wanted to Ascend some Servants back when I was still on I think Okeanos and realized there were quite a few mats I lacked.

QP: That took me a while. Originally, I didn’t care about taking skills beyond 4, but once I did start caring, oh boy.


Mats: Since I had dumped more than 600 SQ on Camelot for Nitocris’ sake, of course her skills had to go up…as much as they could, that is. Only then did I realise the nightmare that is leveling up skills past not just Lv 4, but 7 and beyond.

QP: Maxing out battery skills on my servants, such as Helena and Astolfo, made me realise how destructive it is to my QP reserves. I thought that since Arash was the first example it would be OK. Let’s just say I kinda forgot he’s a 1* servant. Of course his costs are low :fgo_naruhodo:

When I tried to get anyone past skill level 4.

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Mats early on trying to ascend everyone. Especially things like paper and gears that could not be farmed outside of events until London opened.

QP, that took until I realized that most of my servants were max ascended and I could actually spare the mats to work on skills. So I started merrily raising skills until I got the error message “insufficient qp” and I actually looked at what it had been charging me for the skills :scream: …and realized that 100 mil qp is not the infinite supply I had previously believed…

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Mats (newbie) : when I got Ozy but i don’t have chains, and realize chains drop at Camelot meanwhile i just finish septem.
QP (newbie) : when I raise Merlin, Altera, Ozy, and Cleo skill to 6/6/6.

Mats (now) : Bone, Proof of Hero, Meteor horseshoe, Dragon fang. I need all of them.
QP (now) : raise skill especially SSR really expensive!!!

I just went back to BB briefly and got her to 8/8/8 and i was sooo relieved when all of the skills had a chopped-in-half QP cost compared to SSR’s… I love it.

When I threw my exp cards to some rarely used low servants just because they’re cool, and then I realized how hard it is to level past 30 without gold exp.

Forget ascension and skill mats, I even find exp cards quite valuable because we can’t hoard them for more than 2 5* servants. :fgo_casgilworry:

When I 10/10/10’d Mash.

The first time I had to grind QP was getting Mash’s last skill to 10, I didn’t realise I was anywhere c lose to running out before I tried to figure out why the game wouldn’t let me upgrade it xD

For most materials it was pretty early on since some servants need a lot, and rarer ones are pretty clearly valuable early on.

QP took me a while to realize because unlike some of my friends I don’t grail servants to 100, but I started noticing once I leveled 5 star skills to 10, starting with Waver.

Lores is more recently since I would automatically take skills from 8 to 10 whenever I could, but after a variety of Extra class servants and intentionally leveling skills for characters I’ve realized I’m actually running out of those and will need to wait for more to finish leveling all the skills I’m currently working on getting to 10. Don’t really regret most of my lore uses, but Arash’s first two skills didn’t need it. Just have to hope he gets a skill buff when the Camelot anime comes out so that they aren’t wasted.

Same as you with jalter, got her 8/8/8 and realised I have very limited hearts and qp. :catlie:

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I started realizing both’s values when I started working on Servant skills. Those mat, but especially QP costs multiple exponentially and constantly dry up my farmed QP in an instant. Swear to the Divine Spirits, it’s practically a mirror of living paycheck to paycheck.

It was probably when I got Gorgon and I realized just how many gallstones I needed to max her out. I think I needed 20+ of them with the best drop rate being just 12%. It doesn’t help that I tend to ignore mats in event shops in favor of Embers/Fous and event unique items. Unless I know beforehand that I specifically need them I usually run out of the will to grind before I get the drops necessary to get them.