Atalanta Alter

I’ve decided to throw a few 10 roles her way when her banner shows up before I try to role for multiple Achilles( almost 8 months to save SQ should get the job done).

Mainly I just want to collect her, but if I’m going to try for her anyways, lacking any SSR berserkers, I figured I should find out whether I should save my Berserker gems to level her skills. I’ll have Achilles to build up, and possibly Holmes if I don’t have to much trouble getting Achilles so it could be a while before I leveled her.

I’m probably going to wait until all my spring rolling is done before I raise anyone besides Achilles, but I’d like to where she ranks compared to other berserkers.

I won’t roll for Achilles and get Atalanta Alter on the first 4* free ticket i can get.
Unless i will have many Tickets / SQZ. If so, maybe a few tickets could be used, but i doubt

Anyone Have any Idea on when we would get the next free four star ticket after Atalanta alter releases?

15M DL on November 2020.

Since Atalanta Alter comes in April, i can surely wait

I think i’m going to roll for Nyalter and pray to RNG jezus that i get her first and not Achilles… Because Summer is coming and i’ll NEED to stock for Jeanne archer…I am in desperate need of a GOOD archer after I struck out on squirtle.

Their rate ups are separate. Both in spring with her and Apocrypha black caster first, with an Achilles and Chiron rate up expected around late april, early may. Granted they have been releasing some of the single small batch banners earlier than anticipated in the US version so prepare for the possibility of a slightly ahead of schedule release.