Atk creep is a lot worse than Spd creep

People here always focus on Spd and how it’s supposedly that bad, but there’s only so much Spd can do for you. I feel Atk creep is far worse, and you can’t even build a proper tank anymore. My Henry could tank even the worst things in 2019 (like when Reinhardt was at his peak), but now it’s like powercreeps finds a way to make it obselete somehow.

Abyssal Nanna reaches like an effective 106 Atk, which is absurd, and somehow does double 35s, and this isn’t even with WTA as an excuse.


I mean that’s just because of powercreep and L.Nanna getting an addition 20% of her Atk added to her hits. Now sure even if you take away her 20% Atk increase she’s still doing a lot of damage especially since she ignores Dr ON TOP of preventing foes specials from activating when she attacks… again powercreep. But the fact that she gets that on top of ez doubles due to high Spd is what makes her a demon cuz you are most likely not living a second hit from her

That doesn’t invalidate my main point, and almost adds to it… the 20% add-on still is a very real factor, isn’t it.

A lot of the new units hit really hard. Heroes really breaks that trend where fast units aren’t supposed to be that strong, but here they hit just as hard as tanks, on top of doubling and having potential DR.

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Except very few units actually gets the “x% Atk added to damage”, I’m pretty sure more units has “x% Spd added to damage” than Atk does.

TIL the problem with L!Nanna is her Atk stat and not True Damage + Ignore damage reduction + Deny defensive specials + Forced Desperation


That’s so dumb. Just say what you mean.

i can see why nanna wasn’t the best example