Atk/Def unity in Xane

When using a Unity skill, the unit gets +5 to skills and +(Penality in the stat × 2). So if the unit has a -7, it would get +19 (5 + 7×2), but with the active penalty it would only get +12.

When using Xane, he would copy the stats of the nearest unit ignoring his owns debuffs. So would he get the complete +19? Has someone try this?

To my knowledge no one has tried it, but mathmatically he should get the full +19.


I mean, yeah, but how are you going to get -7 on Xane while also not decreasing your own Attack by having it higher than an ally’s near you?

It would work like you say but it’d be really difficult to pull off normally. Pretty much any sort of -7 debuff is going to be from a Shrine or a Chill and those go for the highest stats. Unless you plan on running this when Infantry school is a bonus(And even then you’d need to face a high level one) in AR or are planning on going up against Sabotage Atk teams and have your allies buddy up next to each other.


I was actually thinking about buffing him, and letting him get panicked


That’d work.

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Xane doesn’t directly copy stats, so Unities work like normal.

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Although… with the exception of his weapon his one defining trait is having a high HP stat, especially for a mage.

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With his HP stat? Good luck, it’s super easy to get him to ignore Panic Manor, even without Bonus Season stats.