-Atk Idunn


Idunn pitybroke me in the picnic banner when I tried going for Flora and she came up with +Spe, -Atk. For anyone unfortunate enough to get a -Atk Idunn from Beyond Darkness or as a random pitybreak after it ended, how has she held up for you?


Her main selling point is that she’s bulky, extremely so. Her attack doesn’t matter much when she’s taking little to no damage under normal circumstances.


I got pity broken by original flora so I know how u feel


As someone with a -Atk+Def Idunn, I don’t really feel any sorrow over that bane. She can almost always kill on the EP with Vengeful Fighter and Bonfire, and on PP, she usually can’t one-shot most units anyways. She still performs extremely well. With Fort Def/Res and Fortify Buffs, she gets to 59/46 IIRC.

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She’s good I’m using a +spd -Res idunn that pitybroke me on the fallen banner (along with Llewyn in the same batch) and she is going well.

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