+atk or +res B! Hector

The title is pretty self explanatory. Pulled a +atk B! Hector on the new baby banner and am not sure which IV will give me more mileage so I’ll throw it to the forum!

  • +atk
  • +res

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I use +Res on mine. He has no trouble killing things already, and Res helps reduce damage from common enemies such as Thrasir, Seiros, and magical enemies in general.


He’s built to outlast, not necessarily outgun so the more bulk the better… Especially since his biggest threats are dragons and mage nukes.


I prefer +atk


A recent thread on the topic (max merge)
@MiThiKaL @Cygnus


It pretty hard to say. When this discussion happens, it’s usually split somewhat evenly. It slightly depends on the build. While I went with +Atk, I feel like I should have went with Res. I’m not mad about my decision but @Cygnus had a pretty convincing build for res. With bonfire and mythic boost seal. It’ll out damage a +Atk Sol build, while still allowing for healing.
One other small benefit, when healers poke you for Zero damage, you still get free healing of other damage you previously took. Or any sweep like effects for that matter.

My +Atk hector is still trying out the build, but the IV is overkill. While I haven’t struggled without the extra res, I feel it would be more beneficial.

Regardless, he’s gonna dominate. Especially if you planning to +10 him.


Super high def green units are also a pain, they can be hard to put down. At least mine is paired with MCorrin, he can usually help deal with them.

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True, but you won’t face many of those on AR, that’s mostly just an Arena threat. Near save axe armors will become more common eventually, but that’s why you never bet all your chips on one unit, always bring a counter to your Carry’s counter.

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With 3 Astra mythics being red, this is pretty easy to naturally have (and Light season is still lmao)

One of the reasons blue is such a good carry color rn


Oh I thought he was talking about using Hecc on offense.

So yeah, a strong blue on defense is usually great, and by the same token a strong green omnitank is a really good bet on offense.

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It honestly depends. i
are you merging him (to +10) or is this a +1 copy or something?

+1, I’d probably do atk. +10 I’d do +res.

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I was referring to offense :feh_confused:

Did I miss some context?


I run an infinite miracle build on mine

So Atk is literally all I care about :crazy_face:


Ooooooh… You meant “three of our forced offense Mythics are red so you could use a blue on offense to round it out”

And not “three of the opponents forced offense Mythics are red so a blue on defense is a good choice”

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Yes, the first one is what I meant lmao

Between Reginn, Altina, and Plumeria, green foes go down pretty easily so your blue omega tank can sweep

on top of that, Bector kills most greens anyway because fair and balanced unit


How does that go? Special spiral + mythic boost+ BLucina?

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Most, yeah. Still struggles with Edels if you aren’t using a damaging special. I’ve tested him out pretty throughly and ignis (or Luna/aether depending on his Atk) Hecc is the only thing that can make an Edelforce user second guess themself.

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Yeah, basically. I use Pulse Smoke and I put a pulse tie on Lancina for Ophelia and the like, but yeah basically that’s how it works

Sabotage Atk/Atk Ploy support would help tank the first attack(s) but I don’t use that on Astra

That team is my main carry. Lots of defenses don’t pack counters, and if I screw up, it’s mostly because my positioning is bad and Lancina gets sniped