+ATK or +SPD on Brave Dimitri

I have a completely neutral Brave Dimitri and recently got a +ATK and +SPD version of him. I saw on here that it says +spd is good against fast green mage matchups, but the +atk is a superboon… I mainly only do PvE stuff with a tiny bit of PvP, but idk if that helps with the decision. What are your guys reasons for choosing +spd or +atk for Brave Dimitri. Thanks!


+Spd is most likely better for general use. +Atk and +Def are interesting because he reaches 180 BST when merged, and +Def (although +Atk has its merits too) is quite good in itself for his damage reduction, although he may potentially want to invest in Spd with a new A skill (I’ve seen several with Steady Posture 3) and the Seal if using +Def. I hear he also needs to win the Def check to get his EP follow-up, which seems consistent with the skill description.

I’d probably go with +Spd, at least for now, it should also help at low merges. I’d suggest saving one for fodder if you can’t fodder Fjorm for Unity or, like me, for if the time comes that you can make him a realistic merge project. I got him to +5 without looking for him and am also using +Spd, mostly because I haven’t gotten +Def.


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Will agree with @Dannwond that +Spd would be better for the short-term since low-merges wouldn’t be usable for arena anyways. That said, there ofc is no guarantee you’ll get another +Atk copy - so proceed at your own volition and risk.


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I also agree with Dannwond that for low merges, +spd is better so that he can avoid getting doubled and won’t be as screwed by NFU cancelling his guaranteed follow-up on enemy phase.

+Atk is nice since it’s a superboon, but I’d rather make his spd a bit more workable to increase his survivability against fast mages especially. For higher merges, I’d recommend +def instead, but that’s another story.