-Atk/+Res Eldigan?

Pseudo-newfriend here. I got not ONE but TWO -atk/+res Eldigans so far from the current Weekly Revival banner, and I was just wondering if there was any hope of seriously using them should I not get a +atk Eldigan to merge them into. These are my first 2 Eldigans.


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if you merge the two, it’ll get rid of the attack bane and if you give him fury, it’ll buff up his attack even more. that would fix everything up, or you can keep attempting to pull for a +attack version.


I’m certainly gonna keep pulling until the banner is over since I LOVE Eldigan and Ares.

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Good luck with those pulls then.

Eldigan has nothing worth foddering if I recall so you can just merge them together to make a +1 +Res Eldigan since it removes the bane on merged units.

If you happen to have B!Lucina you could refine him for fury and give Eldigan Bonfire+ 2xclose def.

In general Eldigan can use res surprisingly well

Lucina will help him with his stats but even better…
Bonfire counters

I have 1 thats +5 +res and honestly…he’s just a waste of space in my barracks with ares being the better option and more easily obtained,but if you really want to use him he can funtion with +res iv.