Atk/Spd who?

So, the even wave banner gave me an extra Petra. I was thinking about who gets her Form skill. I wanted to avoid cavalry units if possible, since they are likely to stray away from allies.

Now to see who gets it.

  • Ryoma (currently has Fury)
  • Sothis (currently has A/S Solo)
  • LTiki (currently has Fierce Breath…and SF)
  • Forget foddering; merge into +atk -res Petra!

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Fodder for Ground Orders instead

Form skills aren’t that great


Forms skills are very niche

The only unit I would say wants a form skill more than anything is maybe the Whitewings. Catria because a lot of people will have her built up.

Otherwise just merge OR fodder for a different skill.

Ryoma is outclassed and doesn’t even really need the form skill. Definitely not sothis. A/S solo is way better than form. L!Tiki could use it but I wouldn’t really recommend that.

L!Tiki would rather get A/S Bond 4 so she only needs one adjacent ally and can negate the Panic/Debuff effect on those two stats from Aversa.

Merge. If I could I’d start merging up my own Petra

If Eir is meant to counter Dragons, then my Petra is meant to counter Beasts. I just need to give her Guard or maybe Windsweep…

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Upon further consideration, if my LTiki has Special Fighter, one part of Fierce Breath has become useless. Guess I’ll be going with Tiki. I know I can give her a Bond skill, but it would be preferable if she’s only got one ally nearby. Add another ally and Form has the same amount of a boost.

Sorry if you wanted me to merge, everyone.

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The best units for Form skills are

  1. Units who play very close together.
  2. The Whitewings.
    It capitalizes with their Triangle Attack refines for their personal weapons.
  3. Bridal Tharja.
    This syncs with her Muspell Fireposies, giving her a minimum of +5 ATK/SPD to a maximum of +13.

You do not want to bring up point 3 with me. Just letting you know now. (For context, my feelings towards her is…personal.)

I will be looking into point 2 though next time. Est can see about it.

Tiki was point 1; being an armor raises the chances that she’ll be near her allies.

Her c skill is more valuable and it can help you in AR. I would fodder that instead.

I typically don’t use Orders as much unless someone comes with it.

The Atk/Spd Form synergizes quite well with Glittering Breath, Owltomes, Muspell Fireposy, Draconic Rage, and the Whitewings

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Glittering Breath? Hmmm, we’ll need an appropriate Form for Fae, then. Cecilia too, since her boot works the same way.

Def/Res Form, or Atk/Res Form for either are good options

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