+Atk Spd or Res for Deirdre?

I have copies of Deirdre that I plan to merge, but does she have an optimal boon?

Depends on the role you want her to play as.

Her speed is pretty bad, especially in today’s standards, but like any unit you can stack onto it a ridiculous amount and allow her to double often. Her weapon removes any buffs from the opponent so you won’t have to worry about the opponent doing the same to counter her own Spd.

Atk is kinda meh, so knocking it up to 50 at +0 and with her Eff+ refinement active that’s 53 before buffs/merges/DF. You can stack it up like Spd but go for more of a one-shot build if that’s what you’re looking for.

Res allows her to activate her weapon’s effect more often and gives her better bulk against mages and dragons.

All three IVs are considered good according to the site(https://gamepress.gg/feheroes/hero/deirdre) so again, entirely up to you on what role you want her to play as. “Optimal” isn’t really a thing on more flexible units. She’s kinda stuck using her weapon(With the exception of a very specific role like blade or raven tomes) but you can have her do a few things with it.


With Phantom Res seal now existing, Atk is a more appealing boon to keep her solid outside of dragons, but it’s still a good idea to be able to tank dragons better by going Res boon, especially since we’ll be likely seeing more Res tanks and every point of Res will help.


Ok so those are pretty much perfect answers. thanks alot :feh_nini:

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So that’s done at least.
(TT+ stats btw)