+Atk/-Spd or +Spd/-Def Thrasir?

I luckily pulled 3 Thrasirs and one of which has bad IVs. I’m wondering which Thrasir is better and if I should merge two into one. Also wondering what’s a good team for Thrasir, and finally, if a double Thrasir team would be good for PVE/PVP

Thrasir is the best defense mythic in the game, you should make your +spd copy +1 at the very least


If no one you have could use Panic Smoke or FB4 effectively no reason not to merge.

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I prefer +Atk but that’s just me :feh_legion:
+Spd is also very good.

Unless you really want FB4 and/or Panic Smoke on more than one other unit I’d merge at least once :feh_birbpeek:

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Merge all into +Spd. Her goal is to activate FB4 and get two hits in first, hence Spd is most important. Replace moonbow with glimmer for some more damage output. Best teams for Thrasir (and Lif) are mass bebuffs (B!Micaiah, Hrid, Gunnthra, Aversa.) Ensures she gets plenty of damage I’m and promises she gets the desperation effect. And a double Thrasir team is possible, but imo unnecessary. Her defenses are awful, so she’s easy to take out.


what would a double thrasir team look like?
2 thrasir aversa and dancer?

I’m thinking for AR. She’s not great for arena/PvP/e.

Replace Kronya with another Thrasir in this instance if you wanted to try it. Two units who behave the same, require the same setup, and have the same abundance of counters isn’t a great idea. I even second guess myself once in awhile having two low def green mages, I’m just lucky that Gunny usually does no less than 40 damage a hit with her bonus=damage effect.

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I run double Thrasir in an infantry pulse AR-D and it’s fantastic. I recommend keeping the attack boon, merge the other into the speed boon, and wreck faces. Use base kits, sparrow seal on the speed boon and darting on the attack boon to patch that speed bane. In all seriousness, she is so good that you should merge two copies to +10 before you ever fodder a copy off.

No keep both

If you have a Duma or a Lif then merge into either

If you don’t have any other mythics keep both and run on the AR defense team. It lowers your lift loss to a trickle