-Atk/+Spd Thrasir

This is a disaster. How can I remedy this? My orbs are out for a +1 to fix this.


Well, she buffs herself while in combat by 4 points to each stat with her prf and her b slot skill wich also debuffs by 5 points (additional 5 atk) and her a slot sklill that grants additional +5. Don’t let her base stats fool you, she has plenty atk even with bane, if she had spd bane that would be way worse than atk bane for her, as she relias greatly on her spd stat both to increase her damage output and avoid follow up attacks on her.


Debuffs her allies, not her enemies.

Fixed, thanks for pointing that out

Same here… -Atk +DEF and no more orbs… Omg

I got the same IV.
But I don’t thinks thats the worst IV.
When she shows up again in other legendary banner get one copy and thats it.
Don’t worry about that :grin:

The real Disaster is not getting one :persevere: