Atlanta and Lancelot and Skadi NP loop for farming events

So I have a lv 90 Lancelot with skills 1/8/10 with NP 1 & lv 85 Atlanta with skills 10/1/10 with NP 1. However, I do not have a kaleidoscope CE for the 80% NP, but a ton of NP 50% CE. I am already starting to save up for Skadi since Quick teams have always been my favorite. Will I be able to NP loop and 3 turn farm with the double skadi using Lancelot and Atlanta with only a 50% charge CE? I don’t believe there are any banners that gives you a kaleidoscope so you have to be lucky to get one. I plan to use the upcoming Mystic code from Fate stay night that give you a NP generation buff, but not sure if it will be enough for Lancelot and Atlanta. I tried doing the calculations myself but I believe I am doing something wrong.

If you lack the MLB Kscope, you need the plugsuit + your own Waver to Skadi loop at all, which means you can’t use the Fragments Mystic Code. Luckily Lancelot has his own NP gen up buff, but that’s for one turn only, so the amount of quests you’ll be able to loop on will be pretty limited unless you get higher NP levels on Lancelot.


As far as I know, it’s possible to reliably NP loop with 50% starting CE with Atalante, though you also really need Waver for that with plugsuit for that extra 50% NP charge. With Fragments of 2004 mystic code you aren’t in any way guaranteed to refund 100% of her NP (which you will need to do in order to NP 3 times in a row) even if you use her 1st skill on the same turn and NP damage skill from the mystic code except in pretty specific circumstances(like a node with very low-hp caster enemies). NP1 Lance without at least a regular Kaleidoscope and/or Waver isn’t really capable of doing more than 2 NP back-to-back, from what I know.

Lancelot can NP loop with WCBA (double Skadi), but It requires ur own Waver, the idea is like this.

T1, Lancelot, Skadi 1, Skadi 2
Use Double Skadi skill 1 and Skadi 1 use skill skill 3, Lancelot NP, refund around 35

T2 Skadi 1 use Skill 2, Change Skadi 1 to Waver at backline.
Waver use Skill 2 and 3 and Skadi 2 use Skill 3 , Lancelot use Skill 3, then NP, NP refund at 69 as long as not against assassin and berserker.

T3 Waver charge the remaining 30 NP with skill 1, throw all buff to Lancelot and last NP.

It is, however, highly not recommended to use this even if ur NP lv is high. Lancelot looping is extremely easy to screw without MLB KScope due to her NP skill only being 1 turn. If you insist to use 50 NP CE, Dantes is by far the superior choice due to his 3T NP Gain which is much more stable than Lancelot. Non-MLB KScope will improve the stability by a lot though, but Dantes can perform 3T with WCBA only if you possess Non-MLB KScope.

PS. Atalante can use WCBA to NP loop with only 2004, but an MLB Magical Girl of Sapphire is needed and is only feasible with some enemy if I am not wrong, don’t expect on that though since ur Atalante is only NP 1.

Don’t know for Lancelot but for Atalanta you can use a Waver & starting 50% np.
Looking at the video you can replace non mlb kaleido with a starting 50% NP and fill 100% np using Waver.

Can just save yourself a headache by having Arash clear Wave 1 while Lancelot uses any decent 50% starting NP Gauge CE. Pretty much gives Lancelot free reign when it comes to picking MC too.

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That means Arash must have starting charge CE(preferably Kaleido, which OP doesn’t have /edit: though MLB Imaginary Element works just as well, though OP doesn’t seem to have it either /edit), which limits number of event CE one can use while farming and what would be the point of Lancelot+Skadi then?

Because 4 CE slots for drop bonuses sure is better than 3 or fewer, especially when it’s far more likely that people have a MLB HNS or regular DB laying around to use on Lancelot than a MLB Kaleidoscope.

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Hm… Well, looking at it that way with seemingly no 60%+ starting charge CEs available and seemingly no Waver, it seems possible, but Arash must have lored NP charge skill for +30% charge and Mystic Code has to be Mage Association Uniform for +20% charge(or plugsuit for lored Helena/Shakespeare/lored Mash or whoever else with 20% charge, but that’s not optimal). But yeah, it seems like a viable team comp for 3T farming then.

Or plugsuit for someone with 20% skill: Shakespeare, Altera the Sun(ta), Helena, Ozy, Merlin, Bradamante, Benienma, etc etc.

Why use a Quick team if you are going 4 CE slot lol, there is a ton of Buster that can do that even in lv90 nodes, the crucial advantage that Quick team have is it free up CE slot and is viable against most enemy and most importantly, cheap. In most Lottery event, Arash/Nitocris, Spartacus and borrow a DPS is more than enough to reliably 3T farm with 4 CE slot, Quick team is gonna be really inefficient and expensive in comparison.


It’s not a question of being capable of 3 turning, it’s 3 turning with the best possible bonus. People don’t seem to remember that getting past 3 drop bonus CEs was really difficult before Skadi enabled Quick NP looping, largely being limited to having multiple gacha Servants to account for different enemy classes.

Or are you going to assume that just everyone happened to have NP2+ Mordred (Rider), Drake, Astolfo, Saber Lancer, Nitocris, Tamamo, Bride, and their own Waver, at the very minimum?

Edit: And to go back to an earlier comment that I didn’t address in greater depth

Regular IE means you can use the various MCs with 10% battery on them on them, most notable ones being Brilliant Summer and Fine New Year. To a lesser extent, Tropical Summer can work too.


…You know that I have already agreed with your point about Arash and that I have already replied that yes, there are a lot of options with plugsuit or whatever for extra NP charge if having 4 slots for event CE is satisfactory and Kaleidoscope isn’t available?

I’m not arguing against your point, just making it clearer for anyone reading the discussion.

Arash MLB Immaginary Element OR 50% starting CE, lored NP charge and Mage Association MC/Helena/Merlin/Waver. For turn 1. Also helps.
By the way, a long time ago, someone posted this image (that I saved in my HD), I hope is useful for you:

It does not include Laskshimibai, since she was not released at that point…also, dunno if Asclepios 30% NP gain+20% NP charge can cover someone bases here…


Asclepius’s debuff removal and immunity means that he works with servants who stun themselves like Fran or Summer Ishtar. I’ve also seen videos where he’s used to replace Waver in Summer Ushi and Summer Scatach team comps.

xNaya senpai made a vid of this.

Indian Jeanne is bottom tier, needs MLB scope + waver.

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