Attacker Tier List vs. PVE Attacker Rating

What is the difference between Attacker Tier List Rating vs. PVE Attacker Rating. As an example, why is Swampert Tier 3 on the Attacker Tier List but has a PVE Attacker Rating of 4.5?

And does PVE mean Raids, Gym Attacking/Defending, Trainer Battles, and Team Rocket Grunts/Leaders? Or are the last two considered PvP as well?


PvP (player vs player) meta is COMPLETELY different than PvE (raids ect.) where raids and gyms it’s pretty much just mash raw power in PvP the name of the game is typing and energy. Good example is medicham or sableeye, even Altair’s being useless in pve are GODS in PvP. I still don’t get it completely. I went from hunting Hundos to relearning a lot and enjoying the game more because of it actually. Get to reading is good or is good for rankings for PvP or pve and even rockets. Check em out

The PvE Rating is supposed to say how well it deals against Gyms and Raids and the PvE Tier List is to say where (in between the rest of exceptional attackers) it falls in the rankings, whether it be in Bulk, DPS or both.

“PvP (player vs player) meta is COMPLETELY different…”

Yes! But it’s worth noting that fighting Team Rocket Grunts and Leaders uses the PvP system, even though you’re not fighting another player.

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Hes not talking about PVP in any point…

I have actually no idea but if i have to guess the PVE Attacker ranking is the old Attacker tier list, so its not upgraded to later generations and thats why it appears only in older generation pokemons. Thats why in general all that have it on the website appear lower on the Attacker tier list than in the PVE Attacker ranking, mainly because they have been outclassed later.