ATTN: Lute Dude

@LuteTheGod did you get her


No, not yet :sob:
Currently at 4%.

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god damn

And this assuming this is your 2nd go after the double Caedas…

okay, so here’s the thing, just came back to tell you my first go I got pityfucked by Caeda @4.25%, so there’s still hope

+we get like 20 orbs and other stuff, so you still have a chance

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Yeah it is. I fear a pity breaker, but I hope I get her. This is the Hoshidian Summer Banner all over again…

Just try not to ruin high rates like that with stupid “yolos” or anything under 15 orbs. You really want to take advantage of it.

In fact, I should be doing the same.

I do believe PMs exist


Those 20 are vital, I need them now. Not in 9 days time…

I need to share my grief.


That’s boring.

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I literally just yolo’d summon… I can’t handle the pressure of saving orbs…

I’ve still yet to experience a full round of Blues. I’m not lying if I said 80+% was one Blue per round.

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That’s very true. I get 0/1/2 blue orbs per session.

But you have to, dude. You can’t afford getting pityfucked by another Caeda.

like what if you only have 5 orbs and there’s a full round you can’t even summon on and then you get pityfucked by Caeda again.

And I still got 4 Charlottes out of this. So keep your chin up.

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True, I guess I’ll grind up the Training orbs and get 13 orbs.

Thanks for the advice! The temptation to summon is just disgusting.

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It’s not an issue if you just want one but even then in your orb condition I would really wait

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The urge to wait is killing me…
I guess I have to just do what I can to prevent myself from summoning. I’m currently saving on my second account too as there’s nothing that I want.

why lol