Atypical or unusual IV pokemon question

I hope that I’m not boring everyone to tears with my noob questions and discussions. I hope that some of these are useful to other noobs and of some interest to old-timers as well.

This comes from a discussion I was having with another member about Altaria and how it might not be best to just try to get a 15/15/15 IV Altaria because it would be better to have more DEF and STA and lower the ATK a little to get the CP under 1500.

Also, I read that Shuckle is better withOUT ATK points because it is purely a DEFENSIVE play pokemon.

This lead me to wonder… what are some Pokémons that have unusual or atypical preferred IVs. For example, a pokemon that would be better with mostly DEF or ATK and very low on one of the other stats for some reason or another.

I thought it would be interesting to learn about some of these Pokémon’s and WHY a pure 15/15/15 IV wouldn’t be the best play…


Generally, IVs distribution is only important when talking about mons for Great or Ultra Leagues. In Master League, Team Rocket battles, raids, and gym battling/defending, it’s advantageous to have the best IV possible.

With PvP though the max CP of the specific mon is also a factor. Some of them fall below a league threshold so in those cases it’s best to go with the highest IV possible. The classic example of this is Medicham, one of the best mons for Great League - its max CP is only 1431, so you’ll really want amazing IVs and max it out. Others, for example Azumarill and Bastiodon, have their max CP just above 1500 so you’ll want at least a moderate ATK stat so they don’t fall completely short of the mark.

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To add to this, I can’t think of any case in PVE/raids where you want a lower IV than 100. 100% IV should always be the goal, other than the cases stated by @Skywalkered .

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A lower Defense stat can potentially help with raiding and gym battles as taking more damage will fill your charge move bar quicker.

This is probably only going to matter if short-manning/soloing a raid though, and will normally only save you a few seconds at best. That could potentially make the difference between success and failure, but the amount of times where this will actually matter is tiny.

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To clarify - IVs affect the CP maximum. That is why a Pokemon with 15/15/15 has a higher maximum than a 0/0/0. The Attack IV affects the CP cap the most. If you power up a level 10 Pokemon with a 15 Atk IV you’ll gain more CP than you would the same Pokemon with a 10 Atk IV. In Great League and Ultra League you want the highest distribution of IVs while getting as close to the CP cap. This leads to wanting Pokemon with a 0/14/15 spread or 0/15/15. The exception is Pokemon like Medicham as stated above whose CP maximum with 15/15/15 IVs is under 1500.

All of this is largely irrelevant as it is more important to use the proper counters, when to shield, when to bait shields, and when to switch. IVs really only matter in mirror matchups.

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