Audio Issues

Hi everyone. I’m hoping you’re having a great day. I would like to just confirm if anyone may also have this issue. I’ve just recently updated my phone from android 10 to 11 and updated the MIUI(phone model is Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro, MIUI 12.0) and I’ve been having some issues in some occasions where while in battle mode, the audio will suddenly have an issue and the game would suddenly slow down. But after a the battle or after a few minutes, it would return back to normal. Is anyone also having the same issues? I’m not sure if its a game issue or just a manufacturer issue at the moment.

Edit : Here’s the recording

I also have a game recording of the issue but I’m not quite sure how to upload it on this site.

You would have to upload it to youtube and then paste the link here.

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Thanks for informing me about it. I’ve gone ahead now and uploaded the recording.

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Looks like a hitch. The audio and graphic are playing out of sync and the game isn’t quite sure what to do so it just gives up after a minute of trying. My suggestion would be to reboot the device and clear the cache(though make sure you issue and write down your transfer code first just in case).

I did thought of doing that as a last resort if ever its still having a major issue and tried to confirm it first with anyone who had the same problem. If ever there’s a simpler way of doing it I’ll be happy to try that but worst case is to do a full reboot if necessary. Thanks for the tip.

I know what can cause the problem, it’s just the only solutions are: Clear cache, reboot, & reinstall. In that order. Cache clear will solve it 99% of the time.


You will experience that more often if you play on low spec phone :catlie:
Clear cache and ram

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My old phone had some skip issues after updating OS but that was due to general performance degredation and being an old phone
Agree with ard, but remember to make a transfer code just in case so you don’t lose your account if you have to reinstall


Update : So far I’ve gone ahead and cleared cache on the game, deleted it and re-installed it and entered my transfer code but still having the same issues. I’ll really have to go to the last resort and do a factory reset :cry:.

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Don’t hope for too much. I also have an audio issue, but different from yours. Whenever I play the game, both NA and JP, with my bluetooth earpiece in, most of the battle sounds don’t play. I’ve cleared cache, reinstalled the game, and factory reset my phone. None of it worked

I also started having some audio issues since when i updated my phone to android 10 though they seem to be different from yours, the audio sometimes does a crackling sound and it only happens while playing games.

No idea what might cause it, the phone isn’t exactly low spec or old and it should run FGO just fine so it’s really annoying.

This happened in my old phone, a Vivo V15 Pro and in the end it turned to be an issue in the motherboard and this lag extended to all of my other apps as well. I currently have a POCO X3 Pro with MIUI 12.0.5 Global, and it runs FGO fine.
Like the others said, if clear cache, reboot and reinstall work then that’s amazing. If you find this performance issue in more apps or you find any other wonky issue like automatically turning off and unresponsive touches then get your phone checked.

Since we’re on the topic of audio issues anyway, just wanna ask if anyone here is using a Huawei Mate 20 and bluetooth earbuds?

Sad news, I’ve done and decided to do a factory reset and forgot to set another transfer code and mistakenly done the factory reset first after my 1st attempt at deleting the app :tired_face:(I had a code first but used it already on the time I deleted the app but forgot to generate another when I decided to do a factory reset). Hopefully I can find the account recovery thread and follow it from there. Wish me luck guys!

Wish it will going well

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Its a known issue for newer xiaomi and poco phones (that ships with android 10, I think) when playing FGO. This issue will be fixed with activating [enhanced audio] option in Game Turbo that comes with MIUI 12.5 update.

Another workaround (that I know) if your phone model didn’t yet receive MIUI 12.5:

  • Downgrade to the last MIUI version where there’s no issues (if available)
  • Use AOSP-based custom ROM
  • Upgrade to the latest beta ROM (if available)

And please blame Xiaomi for making such buggy ROM, even took months to deliver a “fix”. I reported this issue back in November. At that time, actually this [enhanced audio] option workaround was already present in the latest beta ROM, but until now only few phone models got the actual bugfixing update


I’ve also checked online if it could be a manufacturer issue and noticed some issues about recent MIUI upgrade issues but I just ignored them since the reviews I’ve noticed were last 4 months ago and was not sure if its still the same issue. Really appreciate the detailed info and hopefully check if this can solve the problem. But I still need to recover my account first. :sob:

I’ve also checked for the newest MIUI option and only thing I have is version 12.0 and can’t find any new patches.

I got the update to MIUI 12.0 last night (my phone is a Redmi Note 9 Pro too) and searching about the update came across this post. I take the problem present in all devices right? I think I’m gonna stay in MIUI 11 a little longer then, since my phone works without problems and I’m not really missing any functions that MIUI 12 might come with.

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Yeah I checked and it’s definitely a manufacturer problem and better stay on MIUI 11 for now if I were you. Probbably the safest bet would be wait for either MIUI 12.5 update or to be sure, wait for the MIUI 13.0 since they already planned to release it sooner or later. Also about the audio issue, I did find a temporary solution that you can use a headset or Bluetooth earbuds and the audio problems seems to be fixed. The recording I have on this thread is with phone speaker audio so I’ll always have to play FGO with my bluetooth earbuds for the time being. (It’s also too much of a hassle to downgrade back to MIUI 11 since I don’t have a personal computer)

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