August 2019 Community Day

Psychic-type has basically had 2 viable charge moves: Future Sight and Psyshock. Not gunna say its awesome, but adding Synchronise gives a decent 2-bar move to the type. And Gallade isn’t that bad, it’s just not best-in-type DPS (unless you’re looking at best Fighting+Psychic :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Any ideas/advice/suggestions about what to do with this male? Already have a maxed 100% Gardevoir. I also have another male lucky ralts level 30, 93%. Two other lucky female ralts, if I just wanted the token CD versions

I’d say evolve the hundo lucky into Gallade. Looks like Synchronoise will be better for Gallade than it is for Gardevoir anyways.

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TBH, I don’t even have the Gallade dex entry yet. I play well more than the average player and I am a couple short of the Sinnoh gold badge, too!

Neither do I, because I was saving my two 89% males (and two 96% females) for this day.

I considered doing that perfect Lucky Kirlia into another Gardevoir BUT I already have a perfect one maxed, plus I recently finished maxing a 15a/14/14 lucky Togekiss—those two fairies should suffice for now

So how did it turn out? Given the final numbers, where does it rank in terms of DPS?

Gallade looks promising for PVP, it’s a medicham hard counter, so in fighting limited metas it can be great.

Blaze kick isn’t bad for pvp as well, it’s just BB is so much better, but as far as raids go, bingo.

Great league gardevoir is still unimpressive at best, and at worst an active liability. It’s performance in the rerun of Nightmare might point contrary, but in that meta, nothing other than 3 specific steels can actually kill it, and given silph a been balancing out the cups, this likely won’t happen again.

In twilight it has a spotty at best w/l rate v poison jab users even with confusion, while every other fairy with charms better there, in general GL there’s a myriad of better confusion users. It’s like hitachi in being able to accomplish things only by typing, since good moves can only compensate so much for a rather poor stat distribution pvp GL wise, in neutral settings it’s too squishy and likely to faint before charging even with confusion. Gallade largely suffers the same fate, but it’s got a big roll whenever a limited fighting meta comes, since charm deletes more or less everything with a subtype weak to fairy, so if medicham wants to be able to KO, I needs to run psychocut over counter which no one will do since counter/PuP is kinda what made medicham. While confusion it’s old standby can still hit everything else even harder and for more energy. Synchronoise at least gives it a second useful moves, CC isn’t bad, it’s just a bit slow, especially with charm, so a cheaper second move to pair with leafblade is really some interesting stuff.

Imo, this is really more Gallade day than ralts day, since gardevoir gains nothing for pvp or raids really while Gallade gained a bit for both.

Yeah, thought so. Still, managed to get one of each for Great League should the need ever arise. Figure I’d rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them. CH/SY/SB For Gardevoir and CH/SY/LB for Gallade is what I’m assuming are their good pairs with the move.

it is better to have and not need, than need and not have (I know that feeling regarding an frenzy plant venusaur for a good while). Over all gallade seems the more useful, since in limited metas its less likely to be ‘simply out preformed’ by other pokemon given the plethora of (quite frankly) better stat charm users and confusion users, while gallade’s much more unique in its set up.

confusion probabaly would be better, since even with a lower cost energy move, charm’s EPT is still pretty horrendous, and on gallade, about as strong (only a .5 DPT drop with STAB) with 50% more energy, but both have their places.

So basically the entire planet has the same weather as you…

Nope, a lot of places get windy, its just a very seasonal based weather from what I’ve seen and personal experience anyways. Limited more to Fall or Spring reliably, but in areas with mountains/valleys it pops up a bit more frequently

All about Geography.

@CatEyePorygon I hear you, we had windy for about 5 straight days one time at the start of giratina O, but it was ‘Weather unsafe’ notification type of wind, part of what I feel makes windy less common is kinda how vague it is, and how it seems left up to the local weather do differentiate, its not like sunny or rain where theres really no margin for could be this or that.

I’ll do you one better: I had pretty consistent windy weather for the few days before Bagon day started with intermittent breaks here and there. Bagon day rolls around and guess what the weather was when the clock rolled over to 1pm and the event started? Not windy anymore. I opened the game later in the evening at about 6:30pm and guess what the weather was then? Windy again. :roll_eyes:

Oh same thing, thought we had windy for the first hour before it stopped until about 7

Weather can be a very fickle thing

In Peru during summer the weather was predominantly cloudy(with the occasionally partly cloudy and the sunny one), and now in winter is sunny most of the time. It’s very strange and I don’t think is accurate, even when it’s raining the pogo weather doesn’t change accordingly.

I find PoGo is usually but not always accurate. The most common errors I see are rainy when it’s cloudy and vice versa.

PoGo seems to get its weather information from AccuWeather, and is locked in at midnight for the subsequent day. Given the first part is basically based on guess work, and that predicted weather can change fairly rapidly, often leads to inaccurate results in-game.

Fortunately for us, Cloudy was predicted a few days in advance and that was what we got for the entire duration of CD.

We get all types of weather here, but Foggy is the rarest, followed by Snowy. The rest are all fairly frequent.

Ah, it’s locked in the day before. That’s news to me.

I heard AccuWeather before, but whenever I thought PoGo weather was garbage and checked AccuWeather, the site typically had it right.

This is very usable information though. The day before a big community day (e.g. Gible) we should be checking AccuWeather to see if we’ll get weather boost during that time. If not, look to see if any nearby areas will. I for one would definitely opt to play downtown with weather boost instead of in my normal spot without it for anything meta-relevant (those extra 5 levels save an absurd amount of stardust, and you get better IV results as well [and more candidates for trading and more stardust per catch]).

That explains in-game rain if the day has clear skies or vice versa if a sudden rain storm develops. In the Midwest I’ve noticed PoGo weather can be a little “spotty” during rainy seasons with sporadic weather patterns.