Aurora Steel farming comps (for Skadi skills)

In about 10 days, LB2 will likely be released, and even if we rush through the story with apples, there will only be a couple of days to farm the Aurora Steel Skadi needs to level her skills past Lv7, before she gets released early July.
Skadi needs 24 Aurora Steel per skill to max them for a total of 72, and outside of some lucky drops during the story, the 20 Aurora pieces in the Summer Festival shop about a month later will be the only relatively soonish source outside of plain old free quest farming.

The best free quest for farming it will be, with a drop rate slightly better than feathers in Salem (38.9% chance per run instead of 35.9%).
It’s an all-Rider (Valkyries) node, so you’ll need Assassins, Zerkers or Alter Egos (or Arash for W1, like me).

My farming comp will probably be:

Arash W1, Summershou W2, Okitan+Shiki W3.

Thanks to NP3, my Okitan is guaranteed to do at least 52K damage, while Shiki is guaranteed to do at least 138K damage with my Lv3 Arctic MC buff (Valks are Heaven, while Okitan and Shiki are Human, so they both get that 1.1x attribute modifier).

The advantage of this setup is that I don’t need any support or Plugsuit, so I can farm XP for the arctic MC and bond points for servants (via support lunchtime).
Since I don’t need facecards and W2 is fairly low-HP, I guess I could also replace Shishou with Sparty for faster NP anim.

Anyway, feel free to share and discuss other comps here.


come what may, 72 steel and 12 rings will be done in time. Looks like a relatively easy node to 3 turn.

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The thing about the rings is that you only need them to max ascend her.
Personally I’m just gonna get her to ascension 3 so I can max her skills.

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I’m thinking of an Arash, Lancelot, Kiara +Waver team.
Not sure which MC to use but my theoretical average is 124k without using one so I shouldn’t have any problems. Even if she fails the crit stars will be more than enough to wrap it up.

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skadi will be max ascended immediately and she will have a single grail to show her status as one of the big 4. She will also be 10/10/10 immediately and 1k foued. I will be downtrodden if i dont get her.
But, i have alot of SQ and tickets for her. So, i think the probability of not getting her is low.

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I’ll admit that I would also like to max ascend her. Unfortunately, I only have enough embers to get her to lvl 70

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I currently have 262 All embers (250 in presents, 12 in inventory), plus we should get 100 from the next MP shop update (50 regular and 50 for the Anniv, I believe), and that’s not factoring in any Super or Great successes, so I think I’m good in that area. At worst she’ll stay at 80 for a while anyway, depending on when I get enough rings.

I only have dust for 2 of her skills though, so my Skadi will likely be stuck at 10/8/10 until GilFest (should be good enough most of the time anyway).

I also only have 113M QP left at this point, so that’s what I’ll have to farm before LB2 lands.


Alright, took a look at my servant and ce roster and came up with this:

W1: Use arash np, W2: Use spartacus np, W3: plugsuit spartacus with a support waver, pop his skills, then use okitan and jack nps.
Realized that wavers skill wouldn’t max both, so replace okitans ce with IE


Hmm… I might try arash, zerkalot, shisho, ozy, artic mc, with kscopes all around.
W1 arash np
W2 ozy charge everyone, zerkalot np
W3 ozy soften up boss with np, shisho np, and zerkalot crits for anything left over.

But I won’t go crazy farming the steel until skadi is in my hands.


I’ll probably just casually farm 24 steel, so if I do get skadi then I can insta max her 3rd skill. The rest will be farmed in time.

ya I will just natural AP until the skadi banner shows up. No point in farming mats if I don’t get her, and the next event will have 20 steel in the shop anyway

Support would be Merlin for obvious reasons and if I for some reason can’t find one I can just use my own Merlin instead and give up on farming bond for musashi in the back

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I think mine will look something like this:

The HP on the first wave is so low that AoE NP support Casters can wipe it out with minimal buffs.

Second wave is a job for Arash, who is replaced by a borrowed Waver. 30 from his battery, 20 from Helena.

Third wave is BG Semiramis who has been charged by her battery (30), Waver (50), and Helena (20).

According to the calc, no face cards needed if Semiramis’ 3 sticks (accounting for attribute disadvantage). Valkyrie probably has a small chance to resist the debuff if the resist down from Semiramis’ 1 is resisted first, but that will be very rare as long as this version of Valkyrie has a resist % no higher than that of her playable self.

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Legit haven’t put any thought in because it looks trivial. Guess I’ll post later just because though.

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Tbf it really isn’t hard this team comp I have is the same as 3 of my other ones just with assassins and not using nitocris for death memes

Running the calculator, this might actually work quite seamlessly

Provided her cards show up in wave 3, anyway. Ether is at 8 currently, damage could be pushed further with Blonde, el-Melloi’s BO can be switched for MLB-scope no. 2 in case I want to borrow Skadi or bring own one, so she can earn those upgrades - if I keep Ether

In case I don’t want to have card-distribution screw things up in wave 3 -

Less effective in terms of BP since salvatrix along with Arash and el-Melloi are max bond, but whatever. I do enjoy seeing her at it regardless.

The less trivial part is putting together a no-plugsuit 3T farm for a high-HP Rider mixed into w3.

I thought it was nothing, but then I realized that I don’t have all that many options that can one-shot that Rider with an AoE NP and no plugsuit support (would prefer not to use 4 total NPs, because I might as well run a plugsuit as far as time efficiency goes.)

I don’t mind if it’s 4T. I’ll have time, may or may not be appling this, and either way it’s no lottery so it’s eh. 3T is nice fun and my drug but eh. Still not fussed.

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It’s not nearly as maddening as Valley of Diamonds’ big, fat 230k HP snek mob in wave 3, along with 2 68k HP sidekicks. While I can also just throw Kiara’s setup above at that for effect, it’s still eh.

Drake can one-shot that mess with MLB BG depending on NP and skill levels, though. I find attacking Rider waves to be more irritating since Assassins start with a handicap, while AEs and Zerks are working with the 1.5x advantage.

Of course, using a plugsuit makes everything here a no-brainer, but I’m aiming both to feed the Arctic MC and to keep the back line slots open for bond farming.