Automatic farming app: Fate/Grand Automata

Based on the Ankulua scripts of FGO-Lua, I’ve created a free Android app that can automatically farm quests and open lottery boxes.
The app is open-sourced on GitHub
It does NOT need root to run, but requires Android 7 at minimum.
It uses image recognition to detect the current state of the game and can handle much more than simple auto clicker scripts.

See the Troubleshooting Guide if you face any problems.

Most of the heavy work for the project was done by the FGO-Lua team, I just removed the dependency on AnkuLua by writing functions that do similar things myself. As a result, there is NO TIME LIMIT in the app. Also, the settings can be configured using a UI.

Here is a preview of the app:

And, here’s a video guide by @reconman:


I am, for better and for worse, still stuck over here in the iPhone camp. But I super appreciate seeing stuff like this, and who knows, maybe I will be able to make use of it some day? Still, you love to see it!


I’ll have to see if my tablet is compatible. I’ve only ever used screen tapping apps so far, which are great…except when you get a bottom barrel np and just miss a kill that face cards can’t overcome…


Holy shit it actually runs pretty well on my device. Gonna go experiment with it now. Thanks so much.


Same fam. iPhone here too…
considers buying extra phone
“I am the bone of my finger.
I have created much carpal
So as I pray
Unlimited grinding works!” and all that

Or maybe:
“I am the Bone of my Finger
Carpal is my Body and Repetition is my Blood.
I have run over a Thousand Quests,
Unknown to Rest,
Nor known to Automation.
Have withstood Pain to run many Quests
Yet these Hands will never heal Again.
So, as I Pray–
Unlimited Carpal Works”

That aside, nice work @mathewsachin! :smiley:
If I ever get an android I will def check it out c:


Well… basics are fine, I suppose I have to put in the Servants I’m using in order for the engine to recognize to use their NP’s at the right time?

I’m willing to use it, but I’m completely out of my depth here :rofl:


Yeah, you’ve to put the images. I’ve not included all the servant/CE images in the app, that would increase the download size by too much

BTW, images for Waver, Merlin, Skadi, Chaldea Lunchtime, Mona Lisa, Black Grail and a few more CEs are included with the app. To extract them go to Support/Extract Default Support Images.

Creating other images isn’t difficult either.

  1. Change the Script Mode option on main screen to Support Image Maker.
  2. Click on Toggle Service to start the service. Follow the procedure in README if you haven’t already.
  3. Go to Support Selection or Friend List screen, find the servant/ce you want to make images of.
  4. Click on Play button. The images are saved to Fate-Grand-Automata/support folder separated by servant and ce.
  5. Rename those files to what you want.
  6. Change script mode back to Battle.
  7. Select the Servant/CE as preferred in either the support settings or in your autoskill config.

These may seem like a lot of steps, but it’s not so difficult. I just wanted to make the process clear.


The app actually doesn’t need to know about all the servants. You either let the app do everything for you (use face cards and NPs randomly) or you tell it how to behave in each wave in a format of “use the first skill of the first servant, then use the first skill of the second servant, then use the NP of the first servant”.

Like @mathewsachin wrote, the syntax for those commands is explained on

The only section where it needs servant images is during support selection. Right now there are images for Waver, Merlin, and Skadi provided by default. More can be downloaded from or can be taken yourself using the script mode Support Image Maker.


The script can actually handle unexpected survivals well. The AutoSkill commands are split into the 3 waves using the # sign. If all commands of a wave are finished, but enemies are still alive, it will use face cards to finish off the remaining enemies.


I will try it I hope I don’t have to much trouble with the configuration


Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


I for one can totes see where you’re coming from but I won’t use it for a different reason.

I’d be bored outta my mind what with his COVID-19 keeping peeps indoors. However, in the most likely event that this " event" finally reaches its finale… Then of course I’d consider using this app!

That and its name weirdly sound like a really cool FGO/Nier Automata crossover!:partying_face:


You have a space after d1
Remove that space and it should work

EDIT: I’m very sorry, I was a bit sleepy at that time, didn’t notice it well.
You don’t need to write Skill_Command=" " there.
You only need to write what is inside the quotes.

If what you are intending a 3T setup (seems like a DSS), you should put d1g1l14,#,cf14,#,ehi1j14 there.


This indeed looks very interesting, but I thought some friends of mine told me using bots got you banned, were they wrong?


FGO-Lua is being used for quite some time by many users and I’ve never heard about DW banning anyone.

The script only plays the game at human speed and doesn’t do anything that you can’t do manually.
It only automates what you do manually, so I don’t think there is any way for them to even find out that you’re using the script.

TL;DR You should not get banned unless you tell the support yourself


Do all these scripts require an online connection or can they be used offline? Similarly, does FGO have to online or not? Also, do these scripts launch FGO automatically or not? AND does FGO have to stay open for it to work or can they operate it in the background?

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Thanks a lot. I was indeed trying DSS. It works like a charm.

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Thank you very much for this. I’ve been an avid user of FGOlua ever since I discovered it, but the cooldown timer has been a bother.
Your app not only lacks that timer, it’s a lot nicer to set up too. I haven’t tested my existing autoskill setups yet (I have a bunch in FGOlua for various free quests to farm materials during event downtime), but I look forward to trying it out.

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The scripts don’t require online connection but FGO does when battle begins and ends.
The script doesn’t launch FGO automatically. You setup whatever party you want to use in FGO Formation/Party menu. Then go to the quest you want to farm and start the script.
The script would then continue farming till your AP runs out, running the same node again and again. You can also set it up to use apples.
It can’t operate in the background, FGO has to stay open. We’re not cheating the game or trying to do anything illegal here, the script taps the game at manual speed.

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Good news, my tablet is compatible. Bad news, I have absolutely no idea how to use it. So, for folks who never use fgolula… What is the easiest way to learn how to use the app? I’d love to be operational by the time Apocrypha hits.