Avatar Legendaries: Will we see F and M versions?

I’ve heard speculation and theory-craft that LByleth will probably be female - it’s IS, so most likely.

If this happens, all 3 avatar legendaries from Awakening, Fates, and 3H will be female. Although women are wonderful, strong, beautiful, and I have no objections to seeing them as legendaries, I miss seeing my boys getting some love - especially MRobin and MCorrin.

Do you think both avatar genders will get legendary alts at some point?

My thoughts: I’d honestly love to save to max out LMRobin if that was the case down the line. I think he should have Levin Sword, be red infantry, and have an ability in his weapon that lets him hit the lower of foe’s Def/Res stats, amongst other abilities.


It wouldn’t be out of the question imo.

There’s money to be made and even if the male versions of the avatars are less popular all IS has to do is make them really strong in AR/ unique enough and people will most likely pull for them.


I think it’s possible. People point to Grima as the long term indicator it won’t, but Fallen M!Robin showed up on a regular banner, so that’s a bit different. I don’t see any reason they can’t or wouldn’t bring in M!Corrin with the full Yato Blade, or both Byleths with distinct roles. Especially now that they’re running out of central protagonists to make into legendary units. They gotta keep this running while they can.


The only one with that possibility is Corrin

Notice smth off from these 2 accessories of 2 of the L!Avatars?


L!Corrin specified her title

The Child of Dusk

The only use for specifying is if it’s implying there is another L!M!Corrin coming

I’d like to point out that this is the only accessory that did this too

No other Legendary or Mythic accessory did it
So this one being an oddball probably has a purpose

Tho this is not concrete evidence Legendary Male Corrin will happen it’s the most likely Male Avatar Legendary


I think that it’s not that Corrin is the only one that could do that, but it could be that they already thought of doing M!Corrin in the near future, and M!Robin could be a distant hope, at least compared to how long ago Robin was


@Umbriel Very interesting man. That does make some sense and could be a possibility. However, the accessories are over 2.5yrs apart. And Corrin would be the only one with it (apart from Robin) cuz there are only 2 avatars with legendaries so far, and Robin was so long ago as @Cam_the_Man said.

I guess we will see when LByleth comes out. It will probably be the female cuz the other 2 are.

I still hope male Robin comes out as a legendary in the future.