Avenger Jeanne in Japan

I am kinda confused, what is the reason Avenger Jeanne is still top 1 for Golden Fous (which allows to get extra 1000 HP and ATK) and in top 5 for Bond Grails?

I though buster ST were heavily nerfed by multiple enemies with break bars in hard quests.

Is she still powerful in Japan?

Well she’s still an Avenger, so she doesn’t have many classes she’s strong against… then again, i suppose it doesn’t’ matter when they throw up James Moriarty against Sherlock Holmes…

cause the waifu â– â– â– â–  sucking is hardcore
even in jp

who will never admit shes shit

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The truly meta thing to do is to not care about the meta.


Meta in a PVE

Jalter’s train is mainly cuz Highest ATK with a heavily offensive kit + Merlin. You literally can compare it to having a Hans + Shakespeare + Berserkers (even though it’s not as consistent and lags behind in damage. It follows the same lines)

Honestly though, I don’t see how break bars actually nerf or messess up Buster/Quick/Arts or whatever, it just negates one-shot strategies, which doesn’t seem like a nerf for any card.

Buster is still buster, so it’ll deal the most damage and that’s good. Now it’d be dumb to try and heavily burst in a single turn and not planning further than that beforehand.
The ideal would be dealing consistent damage over time either via buffed cards, crits or NP spamming if that’s possible, even DoT effects like Burns, curses or poison (which are a nice niche recently with Command Codes). You can also set up for a nuke, and that works regardless of the card type. Charmlock also exists (Depends on the quest gimmicks though), debuffing strategies (Asterios set-ups). There are tons of ways to do quests.

Now, if we talk about “Fastest and safest clear for CQs” then that’s something else that depends mainly on niches, abusing mechanics or high end team comps (Like double Skadi + Dantès).

well, the so called break-bar nerfing is just restricting your buster servant to kill enemy in 1 turn. So what to do is just dont accumulate your buffs in 1 turn. For instance, in the Jalter-dual Merlin team, you dont have to activate Jalter’s 3rd skill and Merlin’s double 3rd skill in the same turn. You can differentiate and distribute them
Like for Jalter, her 1st skill has decent 3 turn lasting and 5 turn CD make her still good to kill multi break bar enemy. And her avenger class could be either good or bad, but good when facing multi-class enemy since every enemy are almost same to her (except considering some hidden factor like np gain).
I cannot say still powerful or not, but really, Buster is not fall. If Buster fall, many Buster DPS will fall, not Jalter alone.

That’s why you shouldn’t take so seriously these kind of charts. Give those golden fous and grails to servants you like/use a lot. I’m giving golden fous to Yu Miaoyi (despite ppl saying she’s terrible) and Mash only because I like them both.

JP puts too large an emphasis on the quick meta IMO. Everything that isn’t quick servant + double skadi seems like it isn’t worth playing to everyone.

That said, one trick buster servants like Jeanne Alter struggle hard against break bar enemies since she doesn’t have the solo sustain power needed for such long term fights, which makes her less suitable for such challenges. But she is by no means a bad servant. It would more accurate to say that everyone around her is good or got better.

Also FGO is a game about waifus. Because of her popularity, people love feed her fous, grail her, etc, because she’s just their favorite servant, not out of any sense of gameplay or meta.

If you thought the Japanese put too much emphasis on Quick team, you should look at how much emphasis the Chinese put on the upcoming Quick meta.