Avenger of Shinjuku?

So headless Artorias and Sif decided to show up when I was rolling for Gil. Sheba showed up too but I don’t think I’ll be using her.

Anyway, that brings me to my question, is he worth leveling? I don’t have an avenger and having one for any stray Ruler bosses does sound useful, especially if I can use another Avenger support but after reading a bit about him he seems to have a lot of problems. Apparently also needing a lot of support to generate crit stars and not getting annihilated due to his poor HP. I’d appreciate it if anyone who has used him can offer any advice or tips.

Tbh I don’t have many other units to level since my luck has apparently taken a turn for the worse after getting Waver so I’d be open to leveling him but I’d like to know if I should even invest in him since he seems to be a bit difficult to build a team around. I also don’t have the best roster and CEs, so I’d rather not waste any more resources if I can’t make full use of him.

Thanks in advance.

I chucked mine into the second archive. Ruler fights are rare, everything kills zerks, and neutral he’s bad.

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Well, my Second Archive is full of Arash dupes and embers so I guess he’ll sit next to Malter for now.

He is decent looper with double Skadi, but not the best. Well, he is serviceable, as your only Avenger but not outstanding

I don’t have Lobo but my understanding is that you’d want to have Skadi for him to make him shine.

If you don’t have her I’d say hold off. Not permanently, just wait until you get further along where you’ll want to be developing more niches. At least until you see what you can get out of GilFest assuming you plan to farm it.

Why is your archive full of Arash dupes?

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I do have Skadi but my main concerns are c stars for him. I don’t have 2030 or anything so it’d be a shame to not make full use of his critical niche.

Because I can’t bring myself to burn him. He’s already died enough for me.



Have you listened to his my room lines? Apparently he prefers being able to give his all in battle.

Maybe give him a grail instead and reclaim your archives?

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He does have a grail to his name. But I realized it just means he has more to lose every time he NPs.

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Once again, don’t have Lobo so I don’t have the numbers I’d be expecting as a reference in mind but I find it hard to believe Lobo would be struggling to produce enough stars for himself with double Skadi or Skadi plus some other relevant support. But let me assume that he struggles with it for the sake of analysis.

Looking at Lobo right now apparently he doesn’t have his NP buff (coming in March, apparently) that will give him crit strength for 3 turns in a row, so with that in mind his only crit relevant skill is his star absorb which lasts one turn.

Based on that, if you’re worried about not fully exploiting his crit niche you wouldn’t have to worry nearly as much about consistently pumping out crit stars to maximize his DPS in the same way that you’d be doing so before then.

Pairing him with Skadi, your concern is probably less likely to be around having the consistent c-stars that 2030 would provide because hit crit turns are going to be when you activate his star absorb buff. Meaning that you don’t need nearly as many crit stars in order for Lobo to pop off. Just try and get turns where you can NP-QQ with him with Skadi’s Quick/Quick crit buff up and his star absorb.

Now, given all that, I still don’t know if you should invest in him or not because I don’t have the experience with him. I just figured I should address your concern about the c-stars. If I go by the Gamepress tier list, he’s in a tier that could go either way but if I had to pick based on the others in that tier I’d say he probably isn’t a high priority for a newer player. That would also be my experience in general with more niche boss killers.

well just use him with skadi

Well, from everything I read one of his defining weaknesses is his inability to generate the c stars necessary for him to use so that was my main concern with him. Double Skadi would probably boost that to maybe above average levels but yeah, I agree that he’s not worth it for me. I was just trying to maybe find a way to make him worth using to make up for the fact that I didn’t get Gil.

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Well hopefully you get Gil at a later date. In fact the CQs give tickets and GF lasts for a while so there still might be hope this time around.

I use him against Rulers and he works well, outside of that not so much imo, his insta death never procs as expected and Ruler bosses tend to be easy. However hes a good boy.

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Nah, I’m done with Gil and DPS units. I’m just gonna save up for Reines and Merlin next year. Also maybe the Kama banner since it also has Parvati.

That is also fair. I’m hoping for Reines myself as well. I think it would be the first time I was ever blessed on a collab banner if I did, though.

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Well, best of luck to us both then.

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Avenger of Shinjuku, like all Avengers, has a high attack value, but unfortunately his skills and his NP are not that good, besides you will hardly see battles in which you have a Ruler as an enemy.

Fallen Demon allows you to absorb stars during a turn (which will be good for you, because as an Avenger it will hardly give critical blows). for 1 turn. This, combined with Monstruous Strength, gives you a 10-30% buff for 2 turns. Finally, One Cloaked in Death will serve you, above all, to remove buffs to a specific enemy, such as evasion, defense, critical damage, etc. and to kill any non-boss enemy with your NP.

All three abilities, at nv10, have a cooldown of 5, but their use only lasts you one turn at most (2 turns that of Monstruous Strength). That means that, apart from always hitting neutral for his class, you will only do decent damage during one turn, and only if you have prepared some quick attack to generate stars in the previous turn.

His NP is Quick and seems to hit a lot, but nothing could be further from the truth. Even with Skadi, the damage is pretty mediocre and doesn’t fill your bar like it does, for example, Valkyrie or Parvati.

That said, he is a servant who does not support the team beyond removing a debuff and also does not do much damage by almost always doing neutral damage and being a quick servant (since none of his skills increase critical damage).

And finally, to increase their skills they ask you for a lot of materials, not gems, so it’s even harder to take advantage of it.

I have it at 70, being my only avenger, in 4-4-4 and beyond bosses rulers, I don’t use it. Only train it if you don’t have any more SR or SSR servants or if you like the Wolf design.

Having Waver, who is one of the best casters in the game (if not the best, since his skills work for all kinds of teams and strategies), I suppose you could give him a try, since one of his skills increases the damage I criticize, if I’m not mistaken, in addition to giving a 30% Np load. But keep in mind that you will only use it against Ruler bosses or if you face a boss and you don’t have many Servants with an advantage against him. (I don’t know how long you’ve been playing, so if you’ve started the game recently, it’s not a bad “neutral” unit). Next month they will give Mecha Eli-Chan, an alter ego booster that you will have at NP5 if you do the event, very good against cavalry units and bersekers. You can reserve materials and experience orbs for her if you are not convinced by wolf.

I hope I have been helpful, I am Spanish so if there is something that is not well written, excuse me.

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It was all well written, everything got across.